Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Yesterday was another bumper crop of nerves & anticipation of bad news here.
Every 10 or 15 minutes yesterday from 1300hrs onwards, the internet updated on the confrontation between the Army/police & the opposition crowd of about 2000 to 10000 (depending on the time of day).
The Army warned the crowds: All Ministeries are now RED line zones ie trespass without authority & you will see the end of our guns
This time the crowd was lead by
1st line: a group of catholic priests in white garment
2rd line: wannabe punk prez & coterie of "ministers" with their machine gun armed guards
2rd line & all lines after: Kids (KIDS!!!), gangsters & university students from 19yrs onwards.
To add salt to the wound, Punk said "May God Bless my Soul" before he led the crowd to confront the army barricades.
I have NO idea what one does with buildings & people who doesn't want to answer (nor work) for one after a "capture".
I have NO idea what those priests are trying to say. "Kill me if you dare?" or "The Catholics are standing behind this coup attempt"?

But I have an idea what Punk was thinking when after his personal 1 hour of direct standoff & non-negotiation with the army who refused to let him through.
He & his "ministers" tried to leave by car but was stopped by HIS (supposed) supporters who demanded they absolutely take over IMMEDIATELY.
So did they stop & turned back? Not the 1st time at 1600hr when they left but Punk did come back at 1800hr to tell his crowd - who despite tear gases - did not disperse that they will continue the "takeover" tomorrow ie today.
After that?
The usual pillaging & destruction of private properties for 4 hours. Curfew or not. Criminals are criminals & they gotta live. Law abiding people here are weary & dissillusioned with Punk & the Prez who does nothing to Arrest the Punk for insurrection & causing destability to the land. This is because Punk has 100 guards around him all the time, AND armed with machine guns - Gawdknowsfromwhere&who?
We live about 2 kms fr the centre - so you can imagine how jumpy I was - trying to keep my ears out for shots.
Uncle got tired of my incessant calls to him as he is only 1/2km fr the "action".
But he came home safely at 1730hrs. The next time he does not come back on time, I promised him I will walk to his office to get him home.
I can only thank God there were no deaths.
Today - ho hum. Same as yesterday as Punk says he will continue to take over.

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masterwordsmith said...

Thanks dear sister for the detailed update which we can never ever get from mainstream media.

Reading it weakens my knees and I know only you, a woman with nerves of steel, can persevere....

Continue to be strong and take good care of yourself. Hope your safety system is in operating conditions although I hope they will never be used :-).

Keep safe always...

hugs and lots of love,