Friday, 6 February 2009

Year of Bull surely does not mean this will be the Year of Bullshit?

Politics here - PUKE! (or is it Punk?)
Politics in Malaysia - PUKE PUKE PUKE!!! (or is it that word starting with the "P" my mother absolutely forbids me to use but it has a "key" at the end)

I KNOW it is the Year of the Bull.
It started off being full of bullshit for me.
NOW it's heaped so high, it's hard to breathe anymore!
How can 1 bull shit so much?

And now. VIOLA! the US ambassador to Madland here has just waded into the BS.

I am not angry at the message, I am angry at the Timing!!

You see, Mr Prez here just couldn't separate biz from state; but HELLO???
Do I hear Mr US Amb telling his ex-Boss Bush in his 8 yrs in office that he shouldn't have business interests either??? Bush separates biz fr state? Can you really separate bullshit from cowshit?

THERE IS A TIME & PLACE FOR EVERYTHING Mr Ambassador-who-should- know better.

He has just about singlehandedly reactivated all the high emotions - because by implication of coming out to "condemn" Mr Bizman Prez - the Punk is claiming Victory & feeling vindicated because OFCOURSE now he's saying USA is siding with him

AND NOW !! F**KING HELL!!! PERAK in Crisis!!

I did not anticipate that some SOBs in Perak can just walk off with the seat people trustingly handed to them due to them belonging to the Opposition Party. During the elections both my dogs woulda won the votes for the Opposition. People were saying "anything but THEM"

So if this is Democracy Obama can take his votes & voters to become Republican ain't it?


And before my family asks me.
YES. This is going to be YET another weekend of high tension - which is why we are going out to a lake 2 hours away.

My poor hubby needs a break. I need to sleep.
I am on the verge of halllucinating from too much internet & lack of enough sleep or appetite

And No. We don't know if something happens whether we can come back to the capital but he doesn't care. He just wants to have a mini break!
Pray for Madland everywhere please!


Anonymous said...

You know there's no bloodpressure in my fingers anymore, I keep on pressing and praying .
Same thoughts about the US timing, you're d...d right !!!
Simple reason might be, they need the money themselves now.

Take a break, get out of the mud.
You've done enough bullriding.


Anonymous said...

p..key !? aiyah, say lah : PUKI without mak , ok !!?? cheers !

Anonymous said...

NO, it is ' berak in crisis' !!

GobloKing said...

Thanks for the humor folks! I really need a lite moment!

I'm beginning to rethink my theory of "God listens more to those who prays ONLY when there's a real need than to those who pester him incessantly"

masterwordsmith said...

Dear sister,

I am amazed that despite the turmoil you are experiencing, your love for your motherland can over-ride the challenges that you are facing. In fact, it seems to have given you more oooph in the lambasting :-).

Take care my dear friend.