Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Christiane Amanpour reporting fr "Lebanon" again

I don't know whether I am excited, angry or WHAT!!! All I know is I wouldn't mind bashing in some heads with my golf club

Punk announced on radio this evening repeating what he said at his demo today - that he wants his mob to take out Uncle from his office tomorrow morning. Oh. Plus PAINT the houses of pro-government people black so that any mob can recognize the traitors! WTF is that?

So. What did uncle do to deserve this Honor?
Yeap. Nothing.
Just doing his job but he has promised if they come to him, he will walk off.

The exciting thing about Lebanon is TONIGHT. All of an unexpected sudden - isn't it always unexpected? -
Gunshots (lots)
Tear gas (Loud)
People yelling & chanting (you woulda thought this was a rock concert)

Sounds of guns, cannon like sounds - ALL AROUND our neighbourhood (like 20 houses) for an hour from 7.30 to nearly 8.45pm

Army is arresting students & robbers (supporters of Punk) who seems to live around our area. But we didn't know this little fact about our home before this crisis

The tear gas was so bad, even though our house was located inside some lanes, we had to come inside the house with our night guards

OFCOURSE we were outside!!!. Everyone but me tearing.

All of us holding to our "weapon" ie Uncle's golf clubs
My male doggie got worried & decided to join his gal in her basket.
Milady slept through it. GUARD DOGS? huuurrrmmp!

Our house is now in complete darkness as the guards say you can see better in the dark than the light behind you. We listen to them

LONG NIGHT or what???


Greg said...

Gosh, Things seems to be a bit dicey now, that the real reason for all these fighting has finally surfaced. Just plain, old greed. Are you sure you want to hang on there amidst such uncertainties? Please take care.

GobloKing said...

thks greg
no choice but to hang on for now. but in a few days time aunty will be on a flight out of madland for 2weeks...or if it is permanent out of here, nobody can yet tell.
I have even "gotten used" to the gunshots but still keeping my ear out to estimate direction and distance from us.