Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Hedgehog Day but worst

Hedgehog Day was a movie where a man wakes up & relives the same day every time he wakes up

I feel like this.

Since 1000hr this morning, it was a miniature of last nite. Our neighbours said the shots lasted until 0400hr this morning. We slept. Badly but we closed the windows & slept as Unc needed to go to work - threats or not. He did agree to using a different car to avoid detection.

I sent him lots of canned food - just in case. WITH our beloved golf clubs.

As I blog NOW, 1300hr our time, 3 hours later, lots of gunshots in the air continues. I hope it is shots in the air & not aimed at some poor deceived victim of Punk's propaganda!

When the noise gets too loud and near, I go to our balcony upstairs to hear better & observe. Radio stations are now cut off. Only news is internet & people calling around.

I am in touch with Uncle & his place is guarded by 10 guys with guns. From his office he can see the place where usually all action happens. That whole place is dead due to army blockading nearly 1/2km stretch. Lots of army blocking everywhere.

Just stopped blogging to check really loud pop of tear gas canons.

Not sure how Uncle can come home as the entire route from his office home is now impassable. I told him I will be fine & he should go to any friend's house if he can't come back

It has been reported (or rumoured nobody knows anymore what's real or not) that Punk's wife left to Paris last night on an emergency visa granted by France. His 2 kids already left 3 weeks ago

We are told the government has decided to end it all this week. Am now down to eating muesli again. Who has mood to eat or cook?


zorro said...

Penny, I cant do much but pray for yours and Unk's safety.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll join him tonight and tomorrow and the days after.

GobloKing said...

thanks all! He came home safely but it was for me - touch&go. Just as he called me to check if we heard shooting near us, & I confirmed in the negative, AFTER he hung up, the shooting started.

I panicked. Ofcourse I couldn't get him but spend 20mins on our balcony upstairs until I saw his car came around the corner.

TODAY we have been warned by embassies, it will still be hot hot hot.

muesli munching day again for me again I guess!

Greg said...

Hello, Aunty Penny...

Are you OK? No new posts since Wednesday... Getting a bit worried. Hope things are alright. Stay safe.