Sunday, 29 March 2009

Safely home since 3 weeks

There was no posting because back here in Mal-land, I have had to subscribe, buy, install everything all over again.

We were lucky to get out when we did. God's hands were guiding us. That or dumb luck.

Our dear friends in Madland, Wanna & Yves, Gerard & Vero had to literally pack, toss, give away, organize the packing of our home. The house was left intact as were our beloved dogs & staff - thinking we were returning from a 2 weeks sojourn.

Now there's nothing to return to since Uncle is an arch enemy of the state since the government is overthrown, & PUNK is now "transition" President & a jewel in the crown is Uncle's company

Yeah. Right. Just like I could be a transitional Emperess if I ever get to be one.

I have been crying constantly daily - like post traumatic stress. Filled with great sadness. Think of Madland, cry. Think of doggies, cry. Think of our friends cry. Think of my hubby, cry. Think of our staff, cry.

If you dropped a hankerchief, I would cry. I can't help crying. Look for a beloved piece of barang left in Madland, cry.

Yesterday received an email that Walter the other foreigner holding the fort in Unc's company - he who finished his contract by end March - is now on the list of the fucking "transition government" of previous government people NOT allowed to leave Madland. Walter with Mirta his wife & 2 kids under 11.

Uncle tried to get some ambassadors to help. ZILCH. Ain't nobody can help Walter. Gerard is trying other ways.

I still have not been sleeping. Especially now. I feel guilty. That we are here & Walter is there. Uncle said he has been telling & TELLING Walter to leave a week ago but he had booked his tickets for April.

I am not a great prayer. But I pray now.
Much as one thinks one can feel safe & enjoy the peace, one can't.

EVERYTHING I am doing - like eat a good meal, I have been truly in the greatest dilemna if I should / could enjoy it because I KNOW what our friends are going through.


Greg said...

Whew! what a relief... glad to know you are back in Bolehland. Been scouring Google News for 'tough malaysian birdie with a heart of gold + Madagascar' with no success and came to the logical conclusion that you must be safe. You are entitled to your emotional catarrhsis, having gone through such a traumatic experience. If I had undergone what you did, I would have needed Psychiatric treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!

Am really glad you made it through the ordeal and can only wish you a Selamat Kembali, and hope that you are busy enjoying all the local delicacies that you so sorely missed while you are away. And putting back all the weight you lost during the Madness in Madagascar.

masterwordsmith said...

Stay strong, sister. There is a plan and purpose for you and uncle and I am very sure all will be well.

Sorry I have not called you because I've been ill and I still sound like a man with my raspy not too sexy voice :(.

Let it all out and one day, you will stop crying cos your tear glands would have run out :-) of tears and that is when your smiles will shine again, my dear.

You are a woman of steel and right now the fire seems far too hot. I feel for you, especially when you thought you were going back and to be so rudely plucked out of Madland and leaving the frens and doggies is spring time and new sprouts of hope will grow...

I am always here for you, praying for you. Take care and please stay in touch. Will call you once I get my voice again.

hugs and lots of love

Anonymous said...

You chinese still havent learnt ya?
Every where u go, you create shit with the locals.

Havent you learned after malaysia in 69, indonesia in 98, and now in some other land you are at it again..creating problems, screwing the locals for profits, putting money above all else..even human lives..

of course la u all are enemy of the state..after all you are a chinese

Anonymous said...

Hello my dear - i have been visiting yr blog frequently to see if you had got out safely - and thank god you have. I can only imagine how sad you must feel; but pleas do not give up hope. Again, i am so pleased u n uncle are safe:)

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are ok - was thinking about you. Be strong and hold the family together.