Saturday, 30 May 2009

So I am shallow after all!

Dear Folks
See that guy above? That guy singlehandedly healed my soul & cured my menopause.

Yes. I had a LONG LONG Looooo..nng Break. I guess anyone's who's been droppin' by has dropped out by now. So I will ramble to myself as usual.

Firstly. I needed NOT to write. I needed a break. Madland was just too much & post traumatic shock did set in. My soul needed the break. Unc needed the break. The house needed some TLC and THEN it also needed a break from us trying to fix things.

Everyday, we do some pottering around the house, then we go swim & work out or he plays some golf, I read, then we get dinner. THEN I settle down to watch mindless series I was deprived of while living elsewhere. POLITICS SUX here & then. Before that farkin KimJI drops his farkin' N-bomb on me I WILL LIVE LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW!!!

I ain't gonna lie. I borrowed & bought lots of TV series. Christine loaned me "The Legend" & I was hooked. I am in love & in lust.

That guy above? You can't be female & not know Bae Yong Jun / BYJ or Bae Yong Jung.

Don't trust me. I have yet to meet a red blooded female who has watched "The Legend" & not have their fans blowing full blast at them to keep the heat away.

I had 2 ceiling fans & a floor fan blasting at me while I watched, fast forwarded & paused the DVD.

Ye olde Unc found Bae too beautiful to be real. What does he know about taste? Didn't he marry me?

Bae's like Orlando Bloom when he did "Lord of the Rings". Admitedly Bae's photos doesn't do him justice. He has a BIG screen presence. The type of presence only old Hollywood legends like Greta Garbo are blessed with.

Take a look at "The Legend" but have those fans blowin' before you begin. The plot's full of holes but it's the eye candy factor you have to go for. I HAVE WARNED YOU!

So I end this blog today until I get back from a short trip away! When we are back, next weekend we are hosting some students from Univeristy Kebangsaan to promote racial unity. I will subject them to some BJY viewing.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Bernard Zorroooo!!!! The Gomen Frenched my perfect day


Just posted my piece on how bloody perfect my day was today & then....BOOM!

I read from Shanghaifish & Patrick Teoh that Zorro Unmasked was arrested together with many bloggers in Perak today. Yes. He was released.

YES. FFFFFFF!!! Shoot me but I LIKE BERNARD. He is FAR more decent than many men & women with the names Hee, Samy or Bung put together. Bernard's the real mccoy.

I just texted him to tell him I AM PISSED!

Shitty 1st Qtr / Much better 2rd Qtr

BTW youse all referring to me as that Aunty from Madland. NO MORE. Allahakbar.
I am outta that SICKO country for good. Aiyoh. And Please lah. Don't go tell me this land is also goin' to the anjings cause there is NO way this Madland is even 1% as bad as Madagascar!!

Today was TRULY the 1st day I looked back at what had happened to us in Madland & TRULY the 1st day, I felt the most Ennn....ooooorMOUS relief we are out of there.

I felt Pleasure today. A great deal of pleasure. We had joined the Saujana Golf Club & found ALL the pleasures it offers eg. at 1pm to 4pm, we were the ONLY people at the huge Olympic sized pool. Then we mosseyed over to the Saujana Resort where we can use their gym & found we were only 2 of the 3 guests using that gym. IS THAT LUXURY OR WHAT???

Ya. These days - it is bitchin' HOT. So hot we succumbed & bought 2 of these KHIND Motherf**king big fans to cool me down. But the pool at Saujana. It was divine. Quiet. Tranquil. LUX to the power of 1000!!!

This is why Today I felt like our lives were beginning again.

Goodbye stressful AWFUL 1st Qtr of 2009. HELLOO..2rd Qtr - even if I spent nearly all of April being sick with flu, stressed from setting up home base again, etc etc !!!

Today I felt so syiok. So Fresh. So Nice. So Relaxed.

That I even REFUSED to let what happened to Wong Chin Huat, to Perak, to being banned from wearing Black - get to me. Yeap. I said French many times to all that shit but I just refused to let things get to me today.

I had ONE perfect day today! YIPPPEE!!!