Thursday, 7 May 2009

Bernard Zorroooo!!!! The Gomen Frenched my perfect day


Just posted my piece on how bloody perfect my day was today & then....BOOM!

I read from Shanghaifish & Patrick Teoh that Zorro Unmasked was arrested together with many bloggers in Perak today. Yes. He was released.

YES. FFFFFFF!!! Shoot me but I LIKE BERNARD. He is FAR more decent than many men & women with the names Hee, Samy or Bung put together. Bernard's the real mccoy.

I just texted him to tell him I AM PISSED!


Greg said...

Hello, Aunty Penny. Just checking on your site. Glad to know you are settling down in style. Yes. What's happened in Perak just pisses everyone off doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

cool it babe with iced - kopi putih , ok !! cheers !

masterwordsmith said...

Hi there

Great to see u blogging again.

Did the same thing and felt the same way.

Take care and hope to see u!