Thursday, 7 May 2009

Shitty 1st Qtr / Much better 2rd Qtr

BTW youse all referring to me as that Aunty from Madland. NO MORE. Allahakbar.
I am outta that SICKO country for good. Aiyoh. And Please lah. Don't go tell me this land is also goin' to the anjings cause there is NO way this Madland is even 1% as bad as Madagascar!!

Today was TRULY the 1st day I looked back at what had happened to us in Madland & TRULY the 1st day, I felt the most Ennn....ooooorMOUS relief we are out of there.

I felt Pleasure today. A great deal of pleasure. We had joined the Saujana Golf Club & found ALL the pleasures it offers eg. at 1pm to 4pm, we were the ONLY people at the huge Olympic sized pool. Then we mosseyed over to the Saujana Resort where we can use their gym & found we were only 2 of the 3 guests using that gym. IS THAT LUXURY OR WHAT???

Ya. These days - it is bitchin' HOT. So hot we succumbed & bought 2 of these KHIND Motherf**king big fans to cool me down. But the pool at Saujana. It was divine. Quiet. Tranquil. LUX to the power of 1000!!!

This is why Today I felt like our lives were beginning again.

Goodbye stressful AWFUL 1st Qtr of 2009. HELLOO..2rd Qtr - even if I spent nearly all of April being sick with flu, stressed from setting up home base again, etc etc !!!

Today I felt so syiok. So Fresh. So Nice. So Relaxed.

That I even REFUSED to let what happened to Wong Chin Huat, to Perak, to being banned from wearing Black - get to me. Yeap. I said French many times to all that shit but I just refused to let things get to me today.

I had ONE perfect day today! YIPPPEE!!!


Justin said...

Aunt, y no invite me 2 swimming la??? wishing you & unc si beh song all the time, everytime!


GobloKing said...

Aiya. Come swimming anytime but dont take lunch first. Or you gonna puke big time seeing me in that speedo (large) & belly sticking out with flabby meat!

Anonymous said...

hi, aunty king : escaped from boiling
pot then landed onto the burning wood = why !? (stcin)

Crankster said...

Hey Penny. I'm so glad you're ok. I haven't been able to catch up with friends on the blog because I'm still in the UK. I'm only back in July.

Interestingly, I work just at the Subang airport, very near to Saujana. Where do you live? I'm wondering if I should move nearer to where I work.

Anonymous said...

any foto showing your belly with flabby flesh ? hahaha....