Monday, 15 June 2009

Which Bitch?

I have been off the net for some time - maybe to distract myself by watching mindless dramas or just no time lah.
Or is it just no farking mood?

For another week, we are also dog-caring; a very sweet docile gal named Cosmo. Uncle Goblok extremely pally-wally with Cos being here. He walks through the door & calls for her. He doesn't do this for Aunty but he does this to Cosmo

Today Aunty read Zorro Unmasked blog & Bukit Koman in Raub - I can't help but feel all the ripe curses I know bubbling up.

Like the commentators in ZU's blog, I am also wondering how some people can live without a conscience so long as they get their moolahs; and ain't matter who dies for them to get it. I really wonder.

For example. And here, I say for example only ah?

If I tell you - I am developing an absolutely FAB condo property with sound structure, lovely ambiance, peaceful, calm, safe, great quality - then FOR SURE, you will assume my entire family & I will be occupying a unit or 2 or 5 in my own project. So nice. So beautiful. Must take up some units what!??!!

If I tell you about this fab property, & then you can see neither me nor my family's occupying any units there, - in fact, I wouldn't even let my family take a drive past this project within a 10km radius - then you also know, right?

Aiyoh! You think I can't hear you thinking "If you don't like, then don't go stay there. Can move away what?"
I "aiyoh" you back. If people in this world have choices then ain't nobody will willingly live on garbage dumpsites, old mining areas, contaminated areas, Bangladesh etc...right?
But we are not talking of property developments here.

We are talking of leukemia, deformed babies, sick people. DEATH. EXCRUTIATING PAIN.

OK. NOW you tell me. You like photo of Cosmo or this B*****
I point you to ZU's blog piece entitled "We have nothing else to do but wait to die"


zorro said...

Thanks Penny....I am not finished with this CEO Andrew yet.....he sure is heading for the fart chamber.

GobloKing said...

You are more than welcome
THANK YOU for highlighting us on this matter & for stirring our conscience.

I just CANT believe there are such cold blooded murderers like this bitch. Also why don't people believe that they shall sow what they reap??

GobloKing said...

I mean reap what they sow !!
:) slip of the pen

shanghaistephen said...

My dear Penny,
I don't know if it means anuthing but anyways....sorry to hear about Shirley's passing on !
You hang in there and take care.ok !

Virtual hugs and kisses from all in Malaysia !!

writestreet said...

Hi GobloKing.
Thanks for dropping by at my blogsite. You asked as to what can be done to stop bonded slavery and I gave you a reply which said that we each have a part to do and that people usually come up with some form of solution or other. Somehow I felt deep within me I was pushing the responsibility to someone else because I am still of the opinion that my job is to highlight the issue and someone else will do the rest. Reality is sinking in slowly - I am no longer in journalism and I should no longer detach myself from the grassroots or try to be neutral. I should initiate something to help these people. I must. And when I do have an action plan, I will consult you.
Thanks, Penny, you have made me realise something very deep.