Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Aunty Bites the Papers back

For the past month, I had been wanting to blog about all the funny thought bubbles floating above my head whenever I read what PIPs (people in power) say & do. Sometimes it is the journos, sometimes it is the papers' "policy", sometimes it is just what the PIPs say & do that really Sllll...aaayys me!

So today as a treat to all youse lovely blog readers, I thought I will share my tb*s with you. (*thot bubbles). Before we proceed any further, please take whatever I blog with more than your usual grain of salt - seeing that I AM - after all only an Aunty.

Here goes
1. Race-free Form. VERY SOON. You & I will no longer need to fill in our "race" on any official forms soon.

TB: That wouldn't be news anywhere else in the world but here cause there ain't nobody asking for that sorta info anywhere else but here.

OK stop being cynical. Yes. That would be ONE reconciliatory step to 1Malaysia. But that does not YET mean we are 1Malaysian.

It would take a WHOLE lot more Bruder!

2. This one...dunno how it got past the Religious Police.
Wrath of a spurned wife who threw acid on her policeman ex-husband caught errr..."upstairs" with his girlfriend.

TB: I thought that was considered khalwat? ie being in close proximity with a woman not his wife or member of family. That fella either brave to admit that or stupid! Maybe in JB the khalwat police not very strong lah!
I feel strongly that those who a few years back caught that American man with his wife in their hotel room in Langkawi should be seconded down to do what the JB religious police are not doing.

3. Whatever Opposition do or say is Stupid, Illogical, Irrational. Whatever BN says & do, sure logical, clever & rational.

Words associated with the Opposition or Pakatan - Antagonize,disparaging, inept, provoking
Words associated with BN - Guiding, Sound, Right direction

TB: AIYOH! Where got like that one? This type of "angkat*" politics is way WAY too obvious ain't it? Or we are saying only stupid ppl supports the Opposition & all the clever ones went to BN meh? Can not be right?

Maybe this is why people seek ALTERNATIVE news lah. Can't be everything opposition do is wrong, everything government do is right, RIGHT?

*angkat means "to carry" or "carry big leg" or sucking up, shoes polishing for all you foreign ignoramus!

Aiyah. I am only up to page 3 & Haven't even laid into the Teoh Beng Hock suicide article yet.

When I read the report/trial, I almost gave back up my oat porridge from breakfast to the papers.

How is it possible he was squating on the ledge before he jumped (which is why his sole was badly scuffed)?

Have you seen that only-can-open-out-from-the-bottom window? How did the fehla squat on the ledge outside that sorta window hah? Myself must learn that trick of reaching beyond such a window. Because I have the same kind of windows & I still can't clean them damn windows from the outside.

But I ask this. How come ONLY ONE side of his soles got totally scuffed OFF? From squating on a window ledge & then jumping? Hmmmm....

Ok. See? That's why I said I am a Aunty. I sure believe everything I read.


Anonymous said...

just b4 touching the ground he was still 'alive'!!??

GobloKing said...

Yes. Why not? If he committed suicide he would be alive but "still" alive is bothering me.

aiyah! didn't I say I am an Aunty?