Thursday, 27 August 2009

Aunty's Totally unProfound Thoughts for this week

I have told y'all I am subscribing to both NST & Star for the sole purpose of giving me something to do with that cup of kopi in the morning. Oh yes. I am just like a Nescafe commercial in the morning. Sans the nice hair, the sexy nightie, the gleaming teeth, make-up, bra etc.
Lately I've been thinking it's my imagination but I have been finding that the Straits Times is more objective than The Star in its reporting.

Yeah. Coincidentally (not that it's timed that way) my sub started since Nuraina Samad took over as Managing Editor. Yes. I like her. She's a good good person but that's not why I say NST is better.

The one-sided reporting from the Star makes me think - for all we know - that they may actually be paid by taxpayers (if you get my drift). Or the publishing license is being reviewed.

The reporting goes like this: Opposition speaks? WHAM!!! Opposition won? BOOOFF!! Opposition takes up an issue? BOOFF BOOOFF BOOO..OOOFF!!!

Gomen Speaks? Wonderful! Gush!
Gomen Acts? Gush, gush, gus, Gush, gush, gush,Gush, gush, gush!

Sorry. That was the sound of my retching.

Other Headlines:
Chua Soi Lek, Chua Soi Lek, Chua Soi Lek. Sacked from MCA. I am personally sorry to see him go off into the sunset. Us Aunties at the market will have one less person on whom we take pot shots.

I dunno if we (not just me hah? Many of my friends too!) should feel vindicated or just smug. We'll take smug.

We have been saying & saying & saying that he should not be considered for any position of leadership after his xxxacts were exposed BECAUSE he is a Leader of the Malaysian Chinese.

Ok. So they entrapped him by taping. So What?. He himself "rose" to the occasion didn't he? For 12 years or so by his own reckoning.

Ah Lek, Ah Lek, Ah Lek. Please lah. Either retire or practise being a doctor again. Why get your face all torn up again?

PKFZ. That one AIYOH! Tragedy for the Rakyat man! I am not so renowned for my Maths, so please excuse my Auntynomics for a minute here.

Who issued the bonds for financing this project hah? Yes. Right.
(I am about to use the word "we" very loosely here now)

We are told we can "save" interest payment" by the hundreds of millions if we can pay up for the bonds issued. Which has been err....err....not so well accounted for?

Who supervised & ensured that this project is viable, feasible & accountable? "Not I" said the dog. "Not I" said the Cow - which still leaves us f**king the rubber ducky right?

Win the case? Die. Lose the case? Die.
Life here is indeed Far FAR from boring!

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