Friday, 14 August 2009

Five Stones Project SS2 by SDP

I have been searching & searching for the Perfect Place in which to rest my not-too-young bones in a coupla years from now. I believe in Kiasu-ism to the max when it comes to Properties. Cheap & Great. Not just good. GREAT.

In a perfect world, Unc woulda preferred 4000 sft on 1 level, preferably in the Hills facing the ocean. That or Federal Hills - until he heard the price people wanted for a unit of 2,500 sft.

Or Kuantan. Or Langkaw. For Rgt80 per sft. Yes. Pigs are flying even as we speak. Where got such property? On a hill facing the ocean. You think we are in Africa ah?

However, today I conned him to go to yet another project. This time, the Five Stones Condo Project in SS2, PJ.

At first he wasn't overwhelmed. After 20 minutes of looking at the Project, he wanted the Penthouse. Nyet by Aunty. I really don't want a duplex because I don't want to climb any stairs when I am 101yrs old. Or face the same situation we are now in, i.e. too large a space over 2 levels for 2 puny humans. I want to downsize not samesize my life.

I must say that the 1st day of the official launch today, when we arrived at 10-30am, we saw many people who were in a feeding frenzy.

Who were left with the poorer picks of the villa lots. There were only 5 lots out of 30 of these 2,300 to 4000 sft lots in the low-rise 13 storey block.

The low rise 4 storey garden villas where every unit has a garden (SUCKERS!) were sold out. Thank you very much. I ain't gonna git a garden unit. No more agonizing over why snails & weeds are multiplying faster than the heliconias.

Naturally all the units facing an "extensive" garden were already sold in the soft launch.

I dunno why only the rich & datuks get the best if they aren't rich enough. People like us who are GENUINELY goin' to live in these projects gets screwed all the time! Anyhoos. What to do?

There were plenty in the 2 Tower Blocks (25 & 37 storeys?) selling at about Rgt890,000 for 1800sft were left.

Unc & I focussed on the "villa" units. He's a big boy. He likes space. I turned my back to drag Unc to look at the remaining "villa" units & BOOM! Lot 7th storey gone!

ALAMAK! Only 1st,3rd,5th floors left - on the UNPREFERRED Side! But still. North facing in front, away from the exhaust fumes of the car park, & South in the Kitchen - facing Jasmine Towers car park...but on top of that is a tennis court, not SOOOO bad. For >1 million rgt? Maybe NOT?

But the others who bought at the soft launch can't be so stupid, right?

Now. I have looked at so many projects that I have a check list of what we wanted. Now to check it against Five Stones Project.

Location, location, location! SS2 PJ. Freehold in SS2 where everything's a house.
Greenery - Check! Sorta. 1/2 acre with Angsana trees! I like Angsanas!!!
In the middle of all the conveniences esp Great FOOD - Check!
Not far from our Club - Check!
Peaceful - Check! (we think lah)
Biggish Balcony - Check!
Lift opening out only to our Unit - Check! (That one bonus check!!)
2 units per floor - Check!
3 car park lots. NOT that we have 3 cars but just in case? - Check!
Connected to major highways - Check!
Sound Developer? SDP mah! - Check!

Lots of Space? - Check! low-ish density ie eventual 400 units over 4.9 acres but to Unc low density is like 1 to an acre & for that kinda space, he'd better move to Siberia.

SOLID building - DUNNO. Every building seems to be built out of 1 layer of brick & some slaps of mortar; so who are we to be exceptional here?

Now. Where did I lay that extra million or 5 so that I can get my own little green dot!


Anonymous said...

aunty , mau beyond 101 ah ? come to Ipoh lah !!

Crankster said...

Hahaha. House shopping can be fun at times. I've done quite a bit so far, but am not really serious about getting my own place yet.

GobloKing said...

I WANT Ipoh. Kway teoh was so smooth it was like..eating Silk! But hello..??? VERY remote fr KL for a KLite like me.

Crank. Better get yr place when young lah. Don't you want to work for a bank? After you get a mortgage it's like working for them yr whole life!