Sunday, 16 August 2009

H1N1- many are now immune?

Have you suffered from a particularly bad flu in the past 6 months?
Yes 6 months. That's my Aunty-finger-in-the-wind guess that the H1N1 pandemic didn't start only when it was "officially declared" 3 mths ago.

A good few months before the announcement of the H1N1 discovery, plenty must have already gotten the illness. Nobody gave that flu a name was the reason it was not "discovered" earlier.

And you know us lah. Hardy Asians. Just a flu. blah, blah,blah. Life goes on. Still must plant padi, feed the chickens, wash clothes in the river, burb the baby etc.

I for one, think I kena-ed this virus months before the announcement. In April, I was so ill with the flu that I kept asking Uncle every nite if I should be taken to hospital feeling I was lying at death's door.

This is when I discovered that he is set on my total destruction & wants to be a (relatively) young widower. Yes. It takes a major illness to know this. Uncle just reached across to me tenderly & said "Did you know the Spanish flu killed 20 million people after the 1st World War?"

What sort of German comfort is that? Which is why I survived. Just to teach him a lesson. I will only leave him a widower over my dead body.

But it was still strange to see a fever which hovered close to 39 degrees C every bloody night for a whole week. In the morning I was fine. Just gets progressively worse as the day goes by. By late afternoon, I'll be in my blanket, looking longingly at the Paracetamol like it's cocaine. I even had to replenish my 5 yrs old supply of Panadol. The Pharmacy made a million dollars from me before I went to see the doctor.

I am exactly like my mother. It's in the genes. We are so anti drugs & so anti doctors that if there were more people like us, doctors & drug dealers would be better off selling Nasi Lemak.

Even had the runs & lost a whole kg in a week - despite eating. I wasn't the only one. When I went to the neighbourhood clinic, the doctor was quite ho-hum about it. Seems like she's already seen a gazillion like me with the same symptoms. What does she know? SHE's just a young punk!

So you see what I am saying? I betcha MANY already have some immunity fr H1N1 because unbeknownst to us all, we have already gotten this flu many months before the Health Authorities took it seriously.

And if you have a husband like me, don't die huh? I was SOOOOO hoping he'll get my flu so that I can whisper the same loving tender words to him as he lays on death's door.


Anonymous said...

a pastor from Germany : " i'm just a
shepherd ..."
at tea-break, we referred him as
' german shepherd' !!

btw, aunty, WHY go for European ah ?
come to Ipoh laa !

Anonymous said...

besides 'white kopi & kway teow',Ipoh
has many2.....ask PatTeoh !

GobloKing said...

German shepherd huh? I am still trying to get mine to "fetch". The "play dead" was a cinch for him to learn.

AND I DO like Ipoh. I was there for a whole 3 hrs 1 mth ago

AND I ordered many things besides noodles - just to cuba (cursed by those who had to finish it off for me) cause I just can't believe I was conned to go 2.5hrs for a bowl of noodles & another 2.5hrs to come back to KL!

like I tell the shepherd - let's move north - food cheap. houses cheap. people nice. no stress.

hmmmm....We may end up in Thailand if my theory of "north is cheaper" pans out!

Anonymous said...

NO fear of A-flu BUT 'ultra virus' !