Saturday, 22 August 2009

Life of a Grand Family

I dunno if you are like Aunty but I do a lotta wondering.
Take food for an example.

These days eating anything you desire everyday is no biggie.

When I was young, having prawns, sea cucumber, a whole big fish, AND a WHOLE chicken (as 1 dish) for new year & festival days is THE biggie.

A roast duck drumstick was my granny's gift to every grandkid's birthday & that was what I used to look forward to. MY OWN ROAST DUCK DRUMSTICK. (You can eat my shorts David!!!)

And if you were "well to do" ie you get to eat chicken once a week, your mother would have parted the 1kg chicken 4-ways to get 4 dishes out of it. For a family of 6, WITH leftovers for another meal or 2. Food never ever tasted that good!

Now - in the world according to Aunty - that middle class people like us can afford to eat anything we want anytime, what does one prepare for New Year?

And if the middle class have that "dilemna", what more the super rich? I have always wanted to know that. Yes.I am that keh poh.

And Homes. Having driven past some huge clonking mansions today; those with more garage doors than our home have room doors, Uncle & I are permanently curious what people do in these mansions.

Do they hold balls? Is there an indoor pool with spa? Does 6 maids work in them? How do they clean those windows from the roof down? (my question). What do they eat for dinner? (again you know whose question lah!)

Which is what brings me to the point (FINALLY).

Today I am excited to participate in a talk given by a descendant from one of those fabled old families who helped to develop KL & have roads named after them. The gracious lady from one of these families has agreed to talk about what life was like for the super rich nearly 80 years ago.
No I am not hoping to get stock tips from her or learn how her fore fathers got rich. I am just wondering how I can get my name on any lane in the country is all.

btw- that photo is supposedly that of the late Zakaria Deros' home in Klang
Enjoy your weekend!

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