Saturday, 1 August 2009

Makes me wanna go back to bed

Yeah. It's that type of week for the past few weeks for me.
I was "whole" again & has bounced out of bed every morning. Until I did some reading & that makes me wanna crawl right back under my pillows.

Seems like we Malaysians are "World Class" in everything we do & that includes Bashing ppl up. Even the dead ones.

*For all youse non-world class foreigners obviously not M'sians; Boleh=OK

Just 3 Fine Examples of our World Class-ness are below
1. We're WC in Bashing 'em up no matter who you are!

Take the example of this "Datuk"* who had his Bodyguards Bash Up a British Diplomat for taking up the Diplomat's car park in a lux condo

*An honorific awarded to individuals who's done great service to our Boleh-ness. Some famous Datuks include that handsome famous Bollywood Actor Shah Rukh Khan who made a movie here, Jean Todt ex-head of Ferrari racing who's paid to be a Bolehland Ambassador - in his spare time (I want that job!!), & a great other many assortment of Bizmen & a sprinkling of Crime Lords, War Lords, & Ohmylords

2. We're WC in Turning Peaceful Protest into city siege
(I can't say "bashed up" cause I have no proof but I hear some ppl have been walking into doors on the streets today).

Today's supposedly peaceful protest was turned into a siege. I sure hope those of us who tried to participate will learn that so long as the PeeEm says "No", he means NO, & so youse lot'd better listen! Does it matter thousands & thousands still tried to turn up? WHO CARES?

Our government is Great & continues to be Great & if you dun like it, you know what you can do at the next elections, right?

3. We're WC in Bashing Dead People
Yasmin Ahmad, a much beloved Female Director controversial for her "truth or dare" stories & haunting commercials passes away. And so how do we "honor" her passing?

Yeah. You're gettin' smart! We World Class Bashed Her!

The popular (sick) Kosmo mag "exposed" her as a Sex Change person the day after her burial. Is it true? Is the moon made of cheese?

Yeap. I sure learnt somethin' this week. We sure love to bash 'em - & it ain't matter shit if they're dead or down. We bash 'em all the Same!



zorro said...

Are you and your taiko ready to meet up now that you are wholesome again.

GobloKing said...

READY!!! Just need to sort out the minum kopi time. These days histaikoness & I have scheduling conflicts due to 1 car & too many events! SOO..OOO glad you are ok & you are NEVER a coward my dear friend!!!

Anonymous said...

TMP, where r u ?

GobloKing said...

TMP is whatah? Solly I was told kosmo is a daily. I f**ked up.

And yes to an anon I deleted. I know abt Yazmin. SO WHAT??? She has brought more honor to our country than many datuks I know!

GobloKing said...

I yam in bolehland lah!