Sunday, 16 August 2009

The New or Old Malaysian ?

My conscience pricked at me. It's not a large conscience so please forgive me when the pricking doesn't even stir a hair in my ear.

But I DO heed the call for a New Malaysian..which to me.. is really.. the Old Malaysian. It's just that politicians made so much noise that I got fed-up & tired.

But I have NEVER felt more (or less) Malaysian in all my life.
To many of us, being Malaysian was never about forsaking our Country, our personal Faiths, our cacophony of lingua Malaysian, or our Colour. To us Real Malaysians, our differences & similarities is a cause for Celebration. Not Deflation.

A long long time ago, I became more aware of the difference between my color, & someone else's when my All-distinction A-levels scoring friend, Teresa from TAR did not get a scholarship to get into university in Malaysia.
There were many not-so-rich in TAR but her family stood out as one of the poorest. Her 6 siblings all slept & lived in a living room no bigger than a walk-in closet in 1 of the old Sg Besi flats. But she never mourned or groaned about this.

Later when I went abroad to study in the late '70's. I was also made aware that even foreigners had misconceptions of Malaysians, when I was asked how come I am Chinese looking but said I was Malaysian?

I made my own Kebaya & went to give talks to groups of curious people in my host country, so that they can see & hear about Malaysia & her rich culture. I wasn't paid to do this. I LOVED to do this so that more can learn about Malaysia.

I was also frequently asked, why I had to earn my own way through college, eating 1 tukey to last a week (cheapest meat available then) for nearly 2 years to support myself when the Malaysian Government is so rich sending thousand upon thousands of students with full scholarship to the country I was in but I (who eventually graduated as a distinguished student from my year of 5000 graduates) received absolutely no support.
What was I supposed to tell anyone? That the color of my skin was the reason? Was I bitter then?
To me, no matter what. I was Malaysian & I didn't want to rock the boat. I took it all in stride that life was not fair & took it that I was indeed 2rd class citizen even though I was ALWAYS a full fledged Malaysian.

NOW I am bitter.

I have never sold my country out.
I have never taken a cent from taxpayers' money to enrich myself.
I have never used Racism as the platform on which to gain power.
I have always had good friends from many faiths.
I have family members who are Bumiputras.
I have always supported the underdogs; never once considering that I myself, am in a way, also an underdog.

And I am not alone in this.
Hundreds of thousands & even millions like me made our voices heard at the last Election to say "There MUST be change & Accountability to the Citizens & that WE ARE ONE VOICE"

So why give up now? Let's not give our conscience a rest nor be so tired of idiots in the Opposition that we give up.
Let's continue reminding racsists out there that we ARE Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

As for Teresa, the one with All As for her A-levels? She went to NZ with NZ$100 in her pocket, & a big dream in her heart that she will make it. She struggled like hell but because she was so brilliant & hard working, she was given a scholarship & a job as a Psychiatrist. Today she is a leading Psychiatrist there. And no longer a Malaysian.

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