Thursday, 13 August 2009

(S)Low Lifes

(S)Low life 1: I am trying to lie low. But turns out I am too busy to even lie low. None of your business but yes! All this relaxing & retirement shit is a lie. I thought I would have too much time on my hands when I become a full time kept woman.

SO WRONG! I hardly have time to dye my hair & do dindins. Everyday I fall into my TV chair exhausted.

Low Lifes 2: I received 2 ranting racist mails & I trashed them without even scrolling down. No time for morons or idiots.

Low Lifes 3
Inquest into Teoh's death.

I still can't understand why a man like Teoh who's about to marry the next day would wanna kill himself. Or why the Anti Coruption investigation would question him from evening to early morning. After all he's not the suspect. He is just how come he was questioned for 8 hours?

Was he gonna skip town? Was he gonna burn the records & crash the PC? Were they trying to protect him while he was trying to protect another?

Then "funnier" still (if you find this sorta thing "funny").

Seems like the investigating officer had NOTHING written in his little questioning book. Granted the police took the little black book from the MACC chaps 2 days after Teoh's death. But nothing in the book is a little too suspicious no? Heck! My 91 yr old Mum has more written into her "555" notebook!

Low Lifes 4
Aunty pops into town now & then. I take a short cut into the PWTC due to some irresistible food from one of the warungs.

Since people are accusing Uncle Zorro of being paid by Pakatan, then I wanna tell you I keep seeing bloggers there (in shirt & tie) who are supposedly NOT working there, & who constantly protest they are objective.
What conclusions am I supposed to draw from that hah? And we all know the type of conclusions I can draw, no?
Do I believe Zorro's being paid by Pakatan? He sure oughta replace his old clunker if he was. Or at least buy me a nice cushion like the one Chihaha has in this photo.


Anonymous said...

I like your dogs. I have one. Man's best friend and genuine ones too. And of course I like your blog (posts) too. Can relate lah!
Another Aunty

Anonymous said...

nobody asked for 8 long hours there was saifool there too !!

zorro said...

aiyah aunty, have a heart! Dont baptise my 940GLE a clunker, please.....she may be old but she sure gives me a smooth slide....opppss...ride that is...

GobloKing said...

People who likes & trust dogs more than people are MY friends!

I posted saifool comment because you deserve a reply. There was no saifooling so let's go on facts.

Big Z
You should just give up le clunk with yr supposedly ill gotten gains.. that way maybe you can use the No.2 bus ie yr LEGS!