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Walking? = Demo? = Riot Control? & There aint no pleasin' some Neighbours!

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Go on & throw whatever brickbats you like. Today Aunty is active in her left brain so I am gonna gitsomethingsoffamychest. And Y'all know my policy on MY blog. I just delete comments at will. Yeah.
So here goes.

Topic 1 - Walking? = Demo? = Riot Control?
Many righteous Msians have come out to write about what an f**king inconvenience the jam protesters had caused last Saturday. Lotsa Moolahs were lost by "idiots" Just that I ain't too sure who the idiots are.

Take the 1 & only upclose&personal of a protest I witnessed.
Last year while smack in the middle of Berlin's busiest road, The Kur'dam at 9am on a Monday I heard whistles & shouting through my supposedly double glazed hotel windows. Saw a few hundred flag waving people. Got excited. Whipped out the camera. Maybe it's a Riot???

Hmmm..somethin' wrong here folks. There were only a few measly isolated police on bikes escorting them protesters. Hundreds of them protesters & maybe 5 police? Them protesters waved flags with signs in German reading "Justice & Fairness to the Workers of xxx"
Uncle hardly roused himself from bed for this. He told me these protesters are from a union. (And if you know Germany, they have more unions than there are ants on a rambutan tree)

Everyone looked relaxed. Even jovial. And I mean, including the Police. Took the few hundred people like 20 minutes strolling past our hotel till they were out of sight. NO Baton in sight. No water canon. No one in riot gear. I have seen more "action" at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in NYC.

Seems such walks by the hundreds are the norm, & the job of enforcement is to provide guidance to walkers to walk in a certain direction (I guess as pre-agreed), & also to guide traffic away from the walkers. Sorry lah I gawked in open mouthed astonishment.

My mother was right. Westerners are way too liberal!

Topic 2: There ain't no pleasing the Neighbours
Guarded communities seems to be de riguer if one doesn't want to have their head bashed in by intruders or their handbags snatched in front of their homes. There is NO safe neighbourhood in ALL of of Malaysia. HECK! Even Kuantan or KT's or Kijal have their share of high crime rates!

Achah! Dun ask me what the heck the Polis is doin', k? I feel our finest have already worked more then their fair share last Friday & Saturday in KL.

So back to guarded community & guards. I dunno too much about guarded (gated?) communities cause I don't live in one. I have been told I am the only unlucky one with the record number of break-ins during the past 3 years here.
That is, other than the ho-hum usual snatch thefts or 3 or 5, the usual 2 or 5 windscreens bashed in, the even more ho-hum annual clean-up of a house or 2 by burglars & that one or 2 times someone was nearly snatched into a car.
So in other words, in my community, we ain't at that danger point yet. Unless someone gets slashed or murdered. We can afford to wait somemore here.

But it would also appear that not everyone is THAT concerned about their neighbour's homes being broken into, or that their neighbours are being bashed in. "Not me mah!"

Because if people were at all concerned, they sure show it in strange ways. I can hardly believe it when I read letters & articles recently from people complaining that their "freedom" are being taken away in their gated neighbourhood.

Yes. You didn't pay, so you don't get a sticker & that's resulting in the guards stopping to ask you to stop each time you use the road. It's their job to stop anyone for the safety of all concerned.

Yes. You didn't pay, but don't you feel better & safer now that you can actually walk around your neighbourhood without fear of your head being bashed in?
Yes. You didn't want the security because your house has never been broken into in the last 40 years you've lived there.

But haven't you heard that thieves don't care who they slash or steal from? You mean you can guarantee that nobody will ever invade your home just cause it looks like a dump? What? You don't care that there may be a real & present danger to the females, the young & the very old in your household?

Methinks some resentment may come from real "prudent" people.

They resent that old homes are sold to newbies who redo the houses making them fancy & thereby "attracting" robbers - "So whose fault is it hah?"

But look at it this way Mr(s) "Prudent". The rejuvenation of your neighbourhood just means that ulitmately the value of your property goes up - thanks to newbies showing others the "potential" in doing up an old home.

Funny how everyone wants the price of their asset to be unrealistically high when they sell, & yet expect that the price of another asset they wanna buy to be even more unrealistically low

Funny how people are selfish. I had someone tell me that's why they never will renovate their leakin', fallin', crackin' home. This way nobody knows they are well off. WELL! Whaddaya say to THAT?

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