Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Aunty ain't much of a drinker. Uncle married me cause I don't drink - this way he can drink my share. He also needed to marry someone who can drive but can't drink.

But since I am happy tonite, I will 2 large cocktail glasses of herbal tea in celebration of the Voice of the People being heard in Permatang Pasir.

Yes. To me, it's the People who Counts. The Vox Populi.
Yes. I know PAS is an Islamic Party & I am not Muslim
And YES. Whether it's PAS or UMNO, so long as the People have spoken that's the really IMPORTANT thing.

(ok I am a bad liar. I am happy there's gonna be more check & balance. I'm also happy that some airheads are gonna have some air let outta their head. They won't be so pompous with the "this land is MY land" thingy)

More importantly - NO. No I do not believe that PAS is gonna Talibanise my life any time soon just cause they have won.

Ofcourse as in any religion or belief, some will always be more zealous than others in imposing their will on others. Let's hope THOSE airheads will also have some air taken outta them.

On religion. I will always chose to respect (& even follow) any religion whose followers live a life I would Wish to, and Want to Emulate.

And No sirree. Forcing someone to bend to your Will never works. Not for a Child. Not for a Wife. Not even for my goldfish in his bowl.

Now. I will go back to my herbal tea & another toast to my Country's Health!
p/s it's also Bae Yong Jung (my cutie korean boy)'s birthday so I may well be doing some pole dancing in his honor tonite. It will be better if I had a pole & bae was around but .. hey! Beggars can't be choosers, so his photo in front of me will do.

Don't Call me tonite please.


Anonymous said...

bae would like to be cuddled wen uncle NOT around ...hehehe !

GobloKing said...

unc knows competition when he sees it. Unc tells me if bae will have me he will sponsor a wedding dinner for 1000 ppl!

Anonymous said...

pls invite me from ipoh , ok ?