Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Holy cow!

"Holycow!" was my fav cool swear word in my youth. Loved it when my superhero (was it Batman or Robin?) used that word but dropped that word - & I thought forever - when I learnt other choic-ier words. In French.

But here we are. 45 yrs later & holycow's back in fashion. I totally agree with Shanghaifish. The cowherds illegally using the field where their cows were buried by the garbage landfill accident is now LEGALLY demanding for the Selangor government to pay them.

Excuse me? If we were to pay everyone who took their own risks by being in the wrong legal status in the first place, - then very soon, taxpayers will be made to pay for lawyers to defend illegal logging, illegal settlement, illegal parking...get my drift?
Can someone give those people with the dead animals a decent talking to plse? Their actions have made Saras, my friend very agitated. Why?

In Saras ' words,
"People already say that if you so much as touch our teeshirt in a car accident - we will moan & groan until we get paid off. Or we will talk, talk & talk until you get tired & weary of us & THEN you pay us off. Now these jokers just reinforced that stupid sterotype!"

Which is why I will never be a politician. Too honest & in your face. Sure die a thousand deaths before I can even smell that Camry.
I think I will get Saras to meet those illegal cow & goat herds. She is pretty impressible when she gets going.

And now on another nearly holycow !!! issue (apologies to daisy in the photo above)

Has anyone wondered why, these days since the Rose became the country's 1st Madam is it that we see her adnauseum in the papers on a daily basis? I was told "reliably" by an aunty source that the media has been ORDERED to cover stories of the 1st mdm on a daily basis or........????

You woulda thought that she was the PeeEm or that she was elected in as PeeEm. Sheeesh!
Our country is already a nation of world class apple polishers; but ain't that a bit too BRAZEN?

What am I saying?
WE don't even get to elect our PeeEm (entirely up to the wisdom of the Ruling Party who elects their head etc & so forth).

Didn't someone say that every cow will also have their day?

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

Greetings Earthlings!!
The nearly missing one here!

Firstly, to my muslim brothers & sisters, a "Selamat Hari Raya!"! Can you all hear me singing "selamat, selamat, selamat hari raya" to you?? Sorry am a day late....but I am still celebrating Raya - here & NOW!

To update youseall as to why Aunty has been MIA.

We just got back from a week of lovely LOVEEEELY time in Lombok.
Yeah. Eat your hearts out. We likee Lombok. Lombok is BETTER than Bali without the million tourists - especially if you go after high season (ie April to Aug?)

I lurved the chillies (I will dedicate a whole book to its hotness on the richter scale), the people, the place (Divine). the clean, fresh, salty air, the Oxtail Soup (Sup Buntut) - which should definitely be on any menus for inmates on death's row for last meal on earth.

I especially wanna thank the Gus & the lovely Serena who took so much time & trouble to haul all of us 6 gawking tourists around the place

We also loooked at the real estate, which to tell the truth - I would relocate to Lombok in a heartbeat -
IF I was allowed to hold my own land titles,
IF the medical facilities gets up to speed (we are talking of us, dem old peoples who are scared of dying),
IF the internet would work - at all or faster.

Heck. If they can grant me all that in Lombok, then I wouldn't even mind the daily black outs for some tens of minutes.

OR that little matter of their little active volcano there (Rinjani) because there's nothing like a little volcano erupting to put things into perspective. The beach sands on Lombok are all fine & BLACK. SOLID BLACK. VOLCANIC BLACK! D'you get the pix of how active the volcanoes then & now is? Hmmm?

It rained very little everyday there - just enough to freshen the nice clean air there.

AND....This is "the important Aunty news, we met a HANDSOME distinguished world championship dance judge & famous dancer himself by the name of Marcel from Netherlands there.
(Notice that operative word "we" or M woulda been in mortal danger otherwise!)

Although Marcel is 62 yrs old, he's the type of man ladies from the ages of 16 to 85 would suck their bellies in for whenever they see him coming.

I should know. My belly button is still missing from all that suckin' in.

BTW - if you ladies out there's interested, M is available & owns several properties in Lombok.
Are we going back soon? Well....NOT too soon. As if to confirm the fears of her paranoidness - a mere 2 days after we left Lombok (it faces Bali & we were physically facing Bali everyday we were in Lombok), that we are Shocked to hear that an earthquake of 5.9 on the R-scale hit Denpasar.

SIGH! Marcel is gonna be safe for now.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

In this together, Hold your Head Up high

The report of the 17 yr old girl not allowed to participate in her school leaving exams because she had no birth certificate although she was born in Malaysia - filled me with sorrow.

She is just like her parents who too had no birth certificates. In the photo the girl's head was hanging mournfully down & she looked ashamed.

Why didn't her parents have birth certificates? Their parents did not register them at birth. Which is why this poor girl too had no birth certs.

I really don't think race had any issue to do with this although they happen to be Indian.

I also don't think race had any issue to do with anyone who had spent less than 10 yrs in this country who can become citizens too.
There just seems to be some loopholes in our system.

Maybe tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of loopholes if we go back years. It is just a mere coincidence this girl & her family were no part of any loopholes.

So I say to her. Hold your head up. You do not have to feel shame. It is us who have to feel shame for letting you down.

Another head down
The cow's head incidence. Enough has been said about it but it does not mean anyone can understand why it happened.

Logically speaking, even as I write, countless cows are being slaughtered as meat for our tables, and therefore as many cow heads are being unceremoniosly dumped.

But logic does not give anyone the right to drag a cow's head around the place as a threat or offence in a religious context.
I asked myself.
What if my neighbours had committed this insane act. Would I denounce them? Hard question. I may say I will but I won't. We are just not a nation of Squealers

The 2 Hindu ladies I see regularly asked me in petrified voices what will happen to them when this type of incidence is allowed to happen.

I told them nothing will happen to them because we are all Malaysians, and they are all Malaysians.

There will always be good people for every idiot & here we have 1000 good people to 1 idiot.

I said all that with such great conviction that I felt like a politician speaking at a rally.

Cold comfort Dear Friends. Where is their party representative in this fiasco. Did they say something to comfort these ladies.

Yes. I understand. Saying something will offend others, saying nothing will offend your own.

I couldn't say nothing.

I am supposed to be their friend. I am supposed to be "well" read. I am supposed to hold their fears in check.

I hope what I told them is not just rhetorics but the truth.

I hold my head up as a Malaysian as I know they should too. After all we are in this together.