Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Holy cow!

"Holycow!" was my fav cool swear word in my youth. Loved it when my superhero (was it Batman or Robin?) used that word but dropped that word - & I thought forever - when I learnt other choic-ier words. In French.

But here we are. 45 yrs later & holycow's back in fashion. I totally agree with Shanghaifish. The cowherds illegally using the field where their cows were buried by the garbage landfill accident is now LEGALLY demanding for the Selangor government to pay them.

Excuse me? If we were to pay everyone who took their own risks by being in the wrong legal status in the first place, - then very soon, taxpayers will be made to pay for lawyers to defend illegal logging, illegal settlement, illegal parking...get my drift?
Can someone give those people with the dead animals a decent talking to plse? Their actions have made Saras, my friend very agitated. Why?

In Saras ' words,
"People already say that if you so much as touch our teeshirt in a car accident - we will moan & groan until we get paid off. Or we will talk, talk & talk until you get tired & weary of us & THEN you pay us off. Now these jokers just reinforced that stupid sterotype!"

Which is why I will never be a politician. Too honest & in your face. Sure die a thousand deaths before I can even smell that Camry.
I think I will get Saras to meet those illegal cow & goat herds. She is pretty impressible when she gets going.

And now on another nearly holycow !!! issue (apologies to daisy in the photo above)

Has anyone wondered why, these days since the Rose became the country's 1st Madam is it that we see her adnauseum in the papers on a daily basis? I was told "reliably" by an aunty source that the media has been ORDERED to cover stories of the 1st mdm on a daily basis or........????

You woulda thought that she was the PeeEm or that she was elected in as PeeEm. Sheeesh!
Our country is already a nation of world class apple polishers; but ain't that a bit too BRAZEN?

What am I saying?
WE don't even get to elect our PeeEm (entirely up to the wisdom of the Ruling Party who elects their head etc & so forth).

Didn't someone say that every cow will also have their day?


Anonymous said...

i disagree ,people comes first.these people are not from bukit antarabangsa or middle class or whatever they are called this days .the selangor state did not act fast at all and took their time compare to bukit antarabangsa.

political leaders are voted in by the people not god or some rich pretentious humans.

GobloKing said...

True. These may well not be ppl fr the midclass but the law applies to one & all.

Illegally occupying a land is still illegal. In this case, there were no loss of human lives or displacement of ppl from their habitat.

True. The livelihood of the herders were affected. Totally agree.

But then one could also argue that the livelihood of jaga kereta will also be badly affected once police acts to take away their illegal activities.

What is good for the goose should always be good for the gander.

The garbage landslide happened a week ago.

Do we know how long it took for the owners & families of victims who died in the landslide of the condo in Ampang 10 or 12 yrs ago to get compensation?

If I am not wrong, it took > than 10 yrs & that was a MAJOR event with many loss of lives!
That state govt then? BN.
And this was despite the fact that even Musa Hitam's son & daughter-in-law were also killed.

Anonymous said...

cow ? boleh . cow-head ? cannot talk ......ok ?

Anonymous said...

kerbau-head , can ah, untie ?