Wednesday, 2 September 2009

In this together, Hold your Head Up high

The report of the 17 yr old girl not allowed to participate in her school leaving exams because she had no birth certificate although she was born in Malaysia - filled me with sorrow.

She is just like her parents who too had no birth certificates. In the photo the girl's head was hanging mournfully down & she looked ashamed.

Why didn't her parents have birth certificates? Their parents did not register them at birth. Which is why this poor girl too had no birth certs.

I really don't think race had any issue to do with this although they happen to be Indian.

I also don't think race had any issue to do with anyone who had spent less than 10 yrs in this country who can become citizens too.
There just seems to be some loopholes in our system.

Maybe tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of loopholes if we go back years. It is just a mere coincidence this girl & her family were no part of any loopholes.

So I say to her. Hold your head up. You do not have to feel shame. It is us who have to feel shame for letting you down.

Another head down
The cow's head incidence. Enough has been said about it but it does not mean anyone can understand why it happened.

Logically speaking, even as I write, countless cows are being slaughtered as meat for our tables, and therefore as many cow heads are being unceremoniosly dumped.

But logic does not give anyone the right to drag a cow's head around the place as a threat or offence in a religious context.
I asked myself.
What if my neighbours had committed this insane act. Would I denounce them? Hard question. I may say I will but I won't. We are just not a nation of Squealers

The 2 Hindu ladies I see regularly asked me in petrified voices what will happen to them when this type of incidence is allowed to happen.

I told them nothing will happen to them because we are all Malaysians, and they are all Malaysians.

There will always be good people for every idiot & here we have 1000 good people to 1 idiot.

I said all that with such great conviction that I felt like a politician speaking at a rally.

Cold comfort Dear Friends. Where is their party representative in this fiasco. Did they say something to comfort these ladies.

Yes. I understand. Saying something will offend others, saying nothing will offend your own.

I couldn't say nothing.

I am supposed to be their friend. I am supposed to be "well" read. I am supposed to hold their fears in check.

I hope what I told them is not just rhetorics but the truth.

I hold my head up as a Malaysian as I know they should too. After all we are in this together.


Anonymous said...

is not only the cow head, but the threat of bloodshed which makes it worse.

Anonymous said...

hi aunty king, mia ah ?

Anonymous said...

hi untie king , lu mana pigi ? lama tak tulis !?

GobloKing said...

You all still come back for more of my auntiness ah? What a buncha uncleness you lot must be! Love you too!!

Anonymous said...

...missing u laa !