Saturday, 19 September 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

Greetings Earthlings!!
The nearly missing one here!

Firstly, to my muslim brothers & sisters, a "Selamat Hari Raya!"! Can you all hear me singing "selamat, selamat, selamat hari raya" to you?? Sorry am a day late....but I am still celebrating Raya - here & NOW!

To update youseall as to why Aunty has been MIA.

We just got back from a week of lovely LOVEEEELY time in Lombok.
Yeah. Eat your hearts out. We likee Lombok. Lombok is BETTER than Bali without the million tourists - especially if you go after high season (ie April to Aug?)

I lurved the chillies (I will dedicate a whole book to its hotness on the richter scale), the people, the place (Divine). the clean, fresh, salty air, the Oxtail Soup (Sup Buntut) - which should definitely be on any menus for inmates on death's row for last meal on earth.

I especially wanna thank the Gus & the lovely Serena who took so much time & trouble to haul all of us 6 gawking tourists around the place

We also loooked at the real estate, which to tell the truth - I would relocate to Lombok in a heartbeat -
IF I was allowed to hold my own land titles,
IF the medical facilities gets up to speed (we are talking of us, dem old peoples who are scared of dying),
IF the internet would work - at all or faster.

Heck. If they can grant me all that in Lombok, then I wouldn't even mind the daily black outs for some tens of minutes.

OR that little matter of their little active volcano there (Rinjani) because there's nothing like a little volcano erupting to put things into perspective. The beach sands on Lombok are all fine & BLACK. SOLID BLACK. VOLCANIC BLACK! D'you get the pix of how active the volcanoes then & now is? Hmmm?

It rained very little everyday there - just enough to freshen the nice clean air there.

AND....This is "the important Aunty news, we met a HANDSOME distinguished world championship dance judge & famous dancer himself by the name of Marcel from Netherlands there.
(Notice that operative word "we" or M woulda been in mortal danger otherwise!)

Although Marcel is 62 yrs old, he's the type of man ladies from the ages of 16 to 85 would suck their bellies in for whenever they see him coming.

I should know. My belly button is still missing from all that suckin' in.

BTW - if you ladies out there's interested, M is available & owns several properties in Lombok.
Are we going back soon? Well....NOT too soon. As if to confirm the fears of her paranoidness - a mere 2 days after we left Lombok (it faces Bali & we were physically facing Bali everyday we were in Lombok), that we are Shocked to hear that an earthquake of 5.9 on the R-scale hit Denpasar.

SIGH! Marcel is gonna be safe for now.


Anonymous said...

untie, your heart-throb bae is in hospital laa !

GobloKing said...

Terima kasih for alerting me! Seems he had lost more than 10kg fr last yr. MY POOR BABY!!!

In any event, all he needs to do to recover is to let untie give him the kiss of life! How simple is that huh?

Anonymous said...

...shall pass him your loving message if i get to meet him , ok ?