Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Do what I say but not as I do

I know I know.

For all of us responsible elders & seniors of our families & societies - trying to teach good values, morals & judgements to our next generation, the "Do what I say & as I Do" bit is always a tough call.

As time goes by, (with me it takes no time at all) this call becomes "Do what I say & NOT as I do" It just ain't natural to not be yourself for too long.

Take a certain VVIP yesterday speaking to his party faithfuls at the Bagan Pinang by elections for instance.

He was warning ppl against using race politics.

I agree with him.

We, the average Aunties & Uncles of this world don't like race, color, gender or religion politics.

In extensive chatting over many cups of kopi-o, I know us average Paks & Maks are MUCH more tolerant, and peace loving than any politician out there.

To top it off.


This is the same guy who didn't walk his own talk...in a really memorable, memorialized speech - in order (sez he) to preserve his identity (which is part Arab) whilst waving something really pointy & sharp.

I was googling the word "waving the keris" & the search popped out over 32,000 references to it & all towards that one VVIP.

Moral of the Story: Don't Preach Bro, when you can't follow your own Sermons

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