Thursday, 1 October 2009

Earthquake scares the bejessusouttame!

Absolutely Floored!
Freaked OUT!
My heart goes out to all the people in Padang & Samoa. (Note to self: Donate to Padang disaster victims!)

NO. I hadn't the faintest of idea there was one last evening. Did you??

I only woke up to the news that earth movements resulting from the Padang Sumatra quake had people evacuating from buildings not 2 minutes from us here in Kay El

This should be 6-16pm or 1816hrs local time.
What was I doing? Eating my favorite fried chicken from Village Park Nasilemak while watching yet another series on TV. If ever there was a last favorite meal...that would be one.

I don't know if I should feel happy or guilty. Like millions here I didn't even feel so much as a blip. That's a benefit of living on terra firma instead of in a hi-rise. None of my family felt anything either or they woulda called. And they too live on landed houses. Our house had not even suffered a hair line crack.

A quick call to friends this morning revealed that not even those living in buildings with 50 floors (near KLCC) felt anything either. But then I am talking to those who live on the much lower end of the 50 storey thingies.

I dunno if there are any "favorite ways to die" but a big "NOT" of mine is
- to face a 9 meters wall of water (in Samoa). Picture a 3-storey building of water?
- face a stream of fire (volcano eruption).

In a weird way I feel there is a better survival chance if one were to face an earth quake - STAND IN A DOOR FRAME or under a sturdy dining table made of solid wood. Ikea tables do not count.

I feel I have some earth quake experience - like more than I can count on 1 hand.

This was in California for the 3 years when I studied there (little earthmovements but definitely NOT pleasant!), in Africa (bigger movements but much more pleasant seeing as there were no big or high buildings near us anywhere) & about 15 years ago in Hong Kong (of all places!) with a big movement for a few seconds when I was on the 12th floor thinking I had ate something bad at lunch causing me to retch.

Yes. Earthquakes causes one to wanna throw up.

And what does one run out with in an earthquake? YES. The babies, the old folks AND the notebook computer (me!)

Forget the passport, handbag, keys!

That and the dogs. In Africa our 3 dogs were not small. Ended up with Mummy - in a superhuman effort - scooping ALL 3 weighing a total of 30kgs with a swoop. Broke my friggin' back doin' that & scared the lives out of them. Ain't never gonna do that again.

This brings me back to disasters.
A few weeks ago while contemplating our navels in Lombok, Uncle & I were discusing "what if that Mount Rajani volcano behind us decide to erupt?" Running for the mountains is not an option. Really far inland plus the mountain is where the volcano is!

Running to the ocean also bad - unless you can swim kilometers away. There was No answer.

So all I can say is I pray PRAY & PRAY that there will not be a big one - as some dumbass seismologists are predicting. Because if there is, I sure want Uncle with me, and a bowl of ice kacang. That would be my last favorite meal. And my most fav person in the world.


Anonymous said...

...i better take up swimming lessons

GobloKing said...

WE had all better take up Speed & Stamina Swimming AND mountain climbing using flipflops!

I just have this really awful feeling that I cant shake. Hope I am really really TRULY wrong!

Anonymous said...

untie, better learn singing & shaking
like elvisking ..can get used to it !

GobloKing said...

When the big one comes, it comes y'all men of little faith. AND THEN you will say "Aunty told me so!"
Amazingly (or not) the house insurance policy does NOT cover homes affected by earth quakes. If that's the case & the big wahuna strikes, we will all be grass! Or be eating grass for lite yrs to come!

As for Elvis.Hrummphh! That's 50s! Lets all git up to speed & say we sing & shimmy like Shakira instead yo!

Anonymous said...

untie, ipoh very2 safe man ...manyak welcome !

Anonymous said...


You have been through hell and back. BTW how are your friends over there? Will you be planning to go back?

Golden Boy

GobloKing said...

Dear Golden One!
I miss the people in Madland - the poor ones, but never & NOT the corrupt ones who are selling their ppl & country under the guise of a putsch!

And I'd sooner go to Padang where one can really help & feel a great sense of achievement than to go back to Madland where, no matter how much help is given will still continue with the malady for a long long time.