Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Is ASTRO having Malaysians on?

A small beep in the ocean to speak out against programming on Astro, our not-cheap-monopoly satelite tv in Bolehland.

I used to watch satelite or cable from Singapore, then Australia & finally South Africa REGULARLY.
As some of you know, this was as recent as March this year.

Since I have returned to KL full time, I have NOT bothered to watch Astro regularly. I only did so recently because my guppies unfortunately did not survive my crystal ball reading exercise, & because I am a little tired of a diet of only Korean soaps.
But it looks like Astro is recycling everything I used to watch from years ago. This is like "twilight zone" to me because some programs are way, WAY old!

My latest example is NBC's "The Biggest Loser" that's now on, which is from the 2006 release. That is on Primetime (ie 7 to 10pm ok?). The winner lost weight & put back weight awreddy leh!
OK. You are saying "Aunty that is caused by time diff between Malaysia & India etc"

I catch programs as my life evolves; ie anywhere from 10am - 3am! All the programs are in a loop lah! I watch BBCE, AXN etc. So I KNOW.

Programs I have watched in under-developed countries are too new to be seen here. What a paradox!

Ofcourse you are saying, "Aunty. You get what you pay".

Ok. I take that. But did you know that in the equivalent currency (ie you use US$1 in USA the same as you use S$1 in Singapore as you use Rgt1 in M'sia etc) - I am paying the "same" rate?

No wonder some people think we are backwards.
The programs we watch are old & recycled.
The politicians we have are old & recycled.
The rhetorics? SHEESH!

I can't help but wonder why ONLY in Bolehland it is that we keep hearing the words "world class" in everything we do.

If Astro TV is an example of our "world class"-ness, then we are indeed the proverbial "katak dibawa tempurung" or "frog in a well"
And if we keep voting back in all the kataks?
Well! I guess we just deserve our tempurung ain't it?

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