Sunday, 11 October 2009

The new MCA lineup

I am chuffed to learn that some folks took to heart that salted fish should not be resuscitated.

And by the way, my photo came from Niamah (Patrick Teo)'s posting of a new comedy show prophetically named MACC, premiering Oct 17. About a bunch of chinamen politicans & their party I bet!

Now I dunno if Pat Teoh is psychic-aler than Aunty here or maybe because he has better guppies at crystal balling than my dead ones? But accurate & timely can you get man?!

Now. What does the no-confidence vote in Ong's leadership portends for us ordinary folks?

And what does the restore-membership-to HumsupChua but deny him his VP-ness mean?

Speaking from my (well-fed/watered) gut I feel today's fiasco shows the real deep rifts & frustrations in the Malaysian Chinese Association about their political direction.

No shit!? Did I not tell you I am psychic?

AND it shows it is about brudy time that Malaysia should stop having only Chinese or Indian or any race centric parties anymore.

Am I bothered that MCA have no heads or that MIC is split about 3-ways down the middle? Do I sound bothered?

Had there been no other alternative parties, then maybe I am gonna think "AIYOH! Who is gonna speak up for me anymore?"

But this ain't 1960 and its been a damn long time since MCA has been speaking up for anyone other than themselves.

In fact, if they had fallen into a hole, I couldn't be bothered. And I don't think I am alone. Look at the last elections & the whoppin' they got.

If they are still deluding themselves into thinking that they are representing the Chinese here, I've got news for all dem boys & gals in MCA.

Honey. Just drive your Benzes, & live in your Mcmansions & leave us folks alone!


Anonymous said...

" hey, why u look so sad !?"
' i worri about my bini's memory ..!'
"why ? has she lost it all !?? "
'NO, she remembers every damn promise i made 40 years ago & keeps asking about the hotel room ...sigh !'

GobloKing said...

hey HELLO! You been talking to uncle issit?

Anonymous said...

hahaha...wat has he promised aunti !?

Anonymous said...

hey, bn won the $$$$$$$-erection !

Anonymous said...

MIA ! where r u auntie king !?