Thursday, 8 October 2009

Resuscitating the Salted Fish

Gawd knows why October always turns out to be so eventful.

If not for the dreaded historical black October (stock market), then this October saw all those recent devastating disasters, & now here in Bolehland, the deluge of critical decisions to be made this weekend. And we are only into the 2rd week of October!

This weekend is particularly exciting for me. It looks like the by-election in Bagan Pinang & the 2 EGMs may be a case of resuscitating a salted fish. As we all know, before we salt dem fish, they are dead as dead can be. So resuscitating them is a tall order.

But all I am asking for is that the salted fish stay nice & salted before I goreng it to eat with my porridge.
And really. Is it worth bringing back the dead in most cases?
Whether its Bagan Pinang's by-election or the EGM for MCA & my alumni.

On BP, my bet is not on the ISAlted fish. Reason: People ain't as duh as we look that we don't know by now, that infrastructure & donations only magically appear within a few weeks of an election.

As for MCA, again my nyet is on Chua (another Salted fish)

I can't for the life of me see how anyone can defend a serial adulterer (yes yes Chua's very efficient but then so was Bill) in leading a community.
Chua's stalwart defenders & he - for that matter - do not seem to mind alienating the votes (already precious few) of us Aunties.
I hate to remind you Dear Dr Chua, how much power us Aunties have in this world.

We may not shout that out (unlike some wives of VVIPs) but in our own way, we ARE the hand rocking the cradle, dear!

As for my alumni's EGM. Another case of some salted fish trying to come back for some quarters.
Too many poor decisions, & a certain lack of accountabilty made for stupid politiking.
I just don't know why salted fish can't just stay salted. Don't they know there's no other way for them to come back to life?

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Anonymous said...


You may remember last time the Taiwan lady legislator (who happened to be the victim) wanted to come for a performance and there was such a hue and cry that she had to cancelled.

Now it would be kind of interesting to know what is the wife's reaction to their hubby's support for the DVD actor!!

Golden Boy