Monday, 30 November 2009


Hello Saudara2, Friends, Fiends et all !!
This is a call to everyone who would like to support the Anak Bangsa Malaysia Iniative.
And a chance for all you who feel & think that All Men are indeed created Equal & not 2rd Best..Please EMAIL or SMS attendance (see below) to Farida NOW!
I also heartily invite all you Aunty Lover, Aunty Bashers & whogivesashitaboutAunties to show up cause oh yeah Baby! I shall be there for sure!
There will be AUCTION (?) & sales of tees - Bring $$$$$ !!! :)
I copied & pasted the info below from Haris Ibrahim's Peoples parliament blog for you !
In conjunction with the United Nations’ declaration that 2009 is The International Year of Reconciliation with “Unity in Diversity” as the theme, the Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia initiative will be holding a forum at
Rumah Anak Bangsa Malaysia,
66 Lorong Setiabistari 1 , Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur,
on Saturday 5th December, 2009 from 2.00pm to 6.00pm.

Uplifting the way of life of the marginalized and reconciling them with mainstream society is essential in order for all to be free and equal.

Resolving human conflicts, working towards reconciliation and restoring peace and harmony would bring about a better Malaysia for one and all.

The event will address these issues and the programme will include a talk, field trip reports, a narration by FoodNotBombs on how the homeless are helped, and a screening of “The Imam and The Pastor” with accompanying discussion by members of Nur Damai.

Please RSVP by 1st Dec 09 (Tuesday).Email –

Farida – 016-2095 818
Hasbee – 017-332 5424
Rumah Anak Bangsa Malaysia – 03-2095 0435

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Is Mastering a Foreign Language equivalent to selling out your own?

For today, and only today, I will not speak "Aunty-speak".

When I do the Aunty-speak, some of you do the Aunty-bash, so today, allow me to do the Malaysiana patois with you

(Obviously this blog is in response to those who believe that speaking ONLY our national language in a government department is equivalent to being truly patriotic while speaking English will mean you are unpatriotic)

I have only this to say to orang2 macam tu - "GROW UP!"

What is the matter with us?
Isn't it terrific to know more languages than only one?

Isn't it terrific to be able to communicate with 1.5 billion people in the world than with let's say, 0.8billion (including Indonesians)?

What is exactly wrong with using a language which will enable us to gain more knowledge & expertise?

Yes. There is good & bad in knowledge, but that matter is a matter of maturity where one learns to discern & discard the bad from the good.

Which will give us more benefit than harm?

Using the world's most spoken language in a government department?
Choosing to use either one or the other?
Or a mix of everything, as we are wont to do?

Why must some feel that mastering a foreign language (English in this case) is like a bow to our history of colonialism (don't bash me over the head with that one; ain't nothing I can do about History folks).

Is speaking English (or Mandarin) a sign of being unpatriotic?

Come On!
Surely we lucky Malaysians can always use a Win/Win strategy in such a trivial matter?

Why not use any of 1 of the official languages we have? Isn't English one of them?

And does knowing a bit of one language & a bit of another putting us in a "neither here nor there" situation? I'll like to think that our speciality in speaking abit of everything marks us as Global survivors because who knows when & where knowing a little of something won't come in useful one day?

So get a life.

Start learning & mastering & practising any language you like.

Even if it's Hindi. 1 billion people in the world can't be that wrong!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

What is wrong with some of our Bananas?

I am a great fan of what Bananas from Banana Republics say.

And seeing as our very own Beautiful MALAYSIA produces some of the world's best bananas, you can please draw your own conclusions.

Zorro Unmasked reports that a certain Deputy Minister (of Education no less!) has said that speaking English in the workplace is "weird" and harmful to the nation's culture and identity.

That statement in itself is Wonderfully Weird & Awfully Harmful.

I really don't know what are the criteria for picking ministers, diplomats or candidates to critical government positions but I hope our dear Government / Leaders will consider only appointing those with the following 3 Basic qualities:

1. That candidates should have (highly recommended here) a use-able & service-able Brain so that they may reflect a little on what they are going to say BEFORE they say it.

2. That candidates should have the Confidence to embrace & accept the Different, the Weird & the Strange, because if one were to turn the mirror around...?? Or does that conflict with the 1Malaysian concept?

3. That candidates be able to, competently Speak, Read & Write English, if not also Mandarin, Hindi & French.

Or isn't it trueI that more people in the world speaks these languages than ....Sadly & alas!..Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Indonesia?

Ofcourse some may say I am one of those who feel that even a fart from a white man smells better than perfume emanating from a local.

But I don't think so sirree.

I think that I am only one of the hundred of millions in this world who think that the ability to speak a foreign language well does not diminish one's love for one's country, race, religion or culture.

And definitely speaking a foreign language well certainly does not make one a better (or worst) person than the next.

So Mr Git-an-Education-y'self, please take a jump outta that well. It's time you left that round sky behind you!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Aunty should learn to dress up when going shopping

I never learn.

I should learn by now that I MUST dress up & drive a Mercedes when I go shopping. Especially for expensive items.

Unfortunately I am the type of person who does the opposite just to test drive the customer service.

And this is what I've learnt.

Poor Shop Assistants can actually Talk you OUT OF A SALE even when you are panting to buy.

Take Case 1 as an example. Yesterday I was so hot to buy a La-z-Boy or a nice leather recliner chair, that I was burning up with fever.

After hearing a radio commercial about La-z-Boys being on sale at Harvey Norman's, I rushed immediately over to the nearest HN shop at Mid Valley.

I was such a willing buyer you wouldn't have to sweet talk me for too long. This is because owning a La-Z-Boy is up there on my list of "Things to Have before 2012 comes around"

And La-z-Boy chairs aren't that cheap. Not for me anyways. They are priced from the hi-end of Rm2000+ to Rm6000+.

However, in the 30mins I was at HN's, I actually walked off empty handed.

Firstly, when I walked in, there were 3 boisterous kids bouncing like crazy on them La-Z-Boys - without any one of the 3 Sales assistants near them stopping them from damaging the merchandise.

And these kids weren't bouncing for a minute, they were off the walls for 10 mins, with Daddy looking on fondly.

The SA only stopped these kids from bouncing when he tried to sell me the display sets at 20% discount. I asked him if he would be happy to spend his own few thousands to buy chairs which were abused like that?

He did say I could wait up to 4 months (no telling when he says!) for new stocks but I will have to pay 20% down first.

Did I wonder why Harvey Norman would be advertising stocks they didn't seem to have?

Did I really want to pay 20% off regular price for display chairs which had been bounced on from time immemorial? Or wait for who knows how long?

No. I didn't. I walked off & went in search of another store.

This one's located in a bungalow advertising recliner sofas & chairs on the main road of Section 16, PJ on the way to the Sprint. The parking is in front of the Shop so everyone can see the type of car you came in.

This Sales Assistant (or Proprietor?) took the cake for Worst Sales Man of the year.

First he chatted for 10 mins on the handphone while I looked-see. His chairs were definitely Not La-z-Boys but they were much cheaper. However since my heart was set on a la-z-boy, I needed someone to sell me the benefits of these La-Z-Boys lookalike.

I was asking him some questions when another lady rocked up.
She looked well heeled & was well dressed driving a Honda CRV. Sorry I didn't mention this before but yes. I am in a Myvi with my AhSoh tees & pants.

Ms Well-Dressed joined in my conversation with the Sales Assistant & asked if leather chair can be hot to sit in. Aunty piped in & told her she could always place a cotton sheet over it to overcome that problem, as I do.

But Mr SA immediately said to me
"What leather furniture do you have? What type of leather? Cow? Cow leather is never hot. We have 47 years of experience & we know this!"

I still didn't get it. I answered I have 2 sets of leather furniture, & even the Stressless from Norway is not cool COOL unless you have your air cond on.

He then asked me more aggressively now"What is stressless? I have never heard of Stressless"

I really don't mean to boast but you can google Stressless Furniture yourself.

On top of this, Mr.SA did not know that in Aunty's past existence she has been a purveyor of some of the highest end leather products & boy! Does she know her leather!

Even when we plonked down the money for our Stressless set in those days, Uncle made me promise NEVER to give it away because it was so costly, we literally ate noodles for a year.

And it's really galling for someone not to know from whence I come to knock me down in front of another stranger. Too much for my ego to take. I took a hike. Ms Well-Dressed also took a hike. Obviously she didn't like his tone with me either.

Today HALLELUJAH! I succeeded in buying my La-z-Boy in Bangsar from a really nice bungalow shop nearly facing Bangsar Shopping Centre. They had a full range. They had Stocks.

They had a lovely Sales Person who didn't care that I rocked up in a Myvi. And Yes. I bought the top of the range of the single seater.

Another time I will relate the story about a top jeweller in Singapore when Aunty brought along her backpack & was wearing running shoes.

SIGH. This was in the days when Aunty equated love with the size of a diamond. In a moment of madness Uncle promised to buy me a top grade rock which will cover my finger - to compensate for all the years he's bought me zip diamonds.

You don't see me wearing the diamond?

This is because I still need to learn that I must dress up and drive an expensive car so that I can be taken seriously when I want to walk in to a really expensive shop.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

And the Buck Stops THERE!

You all know awreddy that the closest Aunty will ever come to Managing anything is the Running of the house & ensuring that the flow of K-dramas are non-stop.

Managing companies just ain't my forte.
OK. Let's face it. Not much is my forte.

But I have heard it said that the Most Basic Principle in Management & Leadership 101 is:
When YOU are the Boss, no matter what your staff does, the Buck Stops at Your Door.

Or isn't that what learning Management & Leadership's about?
How to effectively ensure that everything runs like a well oiled machine; no matter where (or who) the clog you are, & what/who screws you.

However here we seem to take a different spin to this Basic Principle.

Take for example what our Great Dear Leader Dr M said yesterday about Anwar's poor performance in managing our economy during the economic crisis in the '90s

So. Who was Boss at the time Anwar was Finance Minister before he was removed from office for misbehavin'?

Well, Dear Great Leader says that Selangor will go bust by appointing a man who destroyed our country's economy as Adviser.

I agree with DGL on that.

But one has to ask some embarassing but pertinent questions before we award Anwar that lone Honor.

How is it that Boss knew nothing? Is the Malaysian economy or the Finance Ministry a Sole Proprietorship or a Sendirian Berhad?

Isn't Malaysia a COUNTRY with hundreds of thousands of employees & just as many top Bosses?

Unless we're saying nobody was managing the shop at that time?
Unless we're saying there's no check & balance to stop abuses?
Unless we're saying Only ONE person's responsible for screwing up the Entire Economy?
So where does the Buck Stop??

Did someone just mentioned that we are a country with 53 years of managing ourselves?

And before you throw that Brickbat at me.
I state categorically again.
I am definitely NOT an AI fan nor supporter. But Fair is Fair or What?

Monday, 16 November 2009

Aunty MIA ??

I have been MIA because
I have been
a) f**king lazy
b) minding other ppl's biz but my own
c) Uncle hijacked my computer as his was being repaired
d) Korean soaps have kidnapped my brains

e) I am not talking to myself as much as before so the Schizo medication must be working
f) I have been waiting on tether hooks for a supposed roofing leak repair expert to show up in vain
g) All of the above

I HATE to tell you that the answer is (g) when I coulda just LIED & said I was out doing a lotta charity work & saving the world while working on my hot bod.

The only part of my bod that's being worked on is the beard on my upper lip & the bushy brow I am attempting to sculpt into that of a seductress.

Which is another story. So let's just stick to that.

And yesterday I had a chuckle.
Read a double page ad placed by Petronas of errant scholarship students who had not repaid their loans. I couldn't believe my eyes that out of 121 names (or 112?) listed, 24 had no IC numbers to their names but Passport numbers.

Eh? How does that happen? I thought only Malaysians get those scholarships, and then ALWAYS as part of any application, one's supposed to state an IC number?

I mean my experience here as a law abiding citizen is that we must at the very least submit a copy of our IC together with gazillion pieces of paper to prove we are who we say we are.

Macam ni, no wonder I aint rushing to buy any Msian GIC stocks.

Who the shithead was it who granted those loans to ppl without IC?
Don't tell me those are foreigners? Can't be since the passport numbers are like yours & mine; ie starts with an "A". Mind you some even appeared without an "A" and one with just a coupla numbers as ID.

Let me just count the potential $$ down the toilet of those unrecoverable scholarship loans granted to ppl without IC.

24 x rgt30,000 = Rgt720,000 or Euro 144,000.

OK. That's like a drop in the Petronas ocean or in the KL city council budget.

I mean what's that compared to the dumbass florist bill of Rgt32.4 million (thirty two million??) for 3 years supply of flowers recently cancelled by KL City mayor that was highlighted here

Oh. Have I (like our policians) said "we are world class" yet?
We sure are "world class in anything we do, especially when it comes to throwing money down the toilet