Tuesday, 17 November 2009

And the Buck Stops THERE!

You all know awreddy that the closest Aunty will ever come to Managing anything is the Running of the house & ensuring that the flow of K-dramas are non-stop.

Managing companies just ain't my forte.
OK. Let's face it. Not much is my forte.

But I have heard it said that the Most Basic Principle in Management & Leadership 101 is:
When YOU are the Boss, no matter what your staff does, the Buck Stops at Your Door.

Or isn't that what learning Management & Leadership's about?
How to effectively ensure that everything runs like a well oiled machine; no matter where (or who) the clog you are, & what/who screws you.

However here we seem to take a different spin to this Basic Principle.

Take for example what our Great Dear Leader Dr M said yesterday about Anwar's poor performance in managing our economy during the economic crisis in the '90s

So. Who was Boss at the time Anwar was Finance Minister before he was removed from office for misbehavin'?

Well, Dear Great Leader says that Selangor will go bust by appointing a man who destroyed our country's economy as Adviser.

I agree with DGL on that.

But one has to ask some embarassing but pertinent questions before we award Anwar that lone Honor.

How is it that Boss knew nothing? Is the Malaysian economy or the Finance Ministry a Sole Proprietorship or a Sendirian Berhad?

Isn't Malaysia a COUNTRY with hundreds of thousands of employees & just as many top Bosses?

Unless we're saying nobody was managing the shop at that time?
Unless we're saying there's no check & balance to stop abuses?
Unless we're saying Only ONE person's responsible for screwing up the Entire Economy?
So where does the Buck Stop??

Did someone just mentioned that we are a country with 53 years of managing ourselves?

And before you throw that Brickbat at me.
I state categorically again.
I am definitely NOT an AI fan nor supporter. But Fair is Fair or What?

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