Monday, 16 November 2009

Aunty MIA ??

I have been MIA because
I have been
a) f**king lazy
b) minding other ppl's biz but my own
c) Uncle hijacked my computer as his was being repaired
d) Korean soaps have kidnapped my brains

e) I am not talking to myself as much as before so the Schizo medication must be working
f) I have been waiting on tether hooks for a supposed roofing leak repair expert to show up in vain
g) All of the above

I HATE to tell you that the answer is (g) when I coulda just LIED & said I was out doing a lotta charity work & saving the world while working on my hot bod.

The only part of my bod that's being worked on is the beard on my upper lip & the bushy brow I am attempting to sculpt into that of a seductress.

Which is another story. So let's just stick to that.

And yesterday I had a chuckle.
Read a double page ad placed by Petronas of errant scholarship students who had not repaid their loans. I couldn't believe my eyes that out of 121 names (or 112?) listed, 24 had no IC numbers to their names but Passport numbers.

Eh? How does that happen? I thought only Malaysians get those scholarships, and then ALWAYS as part of any application, one's supposed to state an IC number?

I mean my experience here as a law abiding citizen is that we must at the very least submit a copy of our IC together with gazillion pieces of paper to prove we are who we say we are.

Macam ni, no wonder I aint rushing to buy any Msian GIC stocks.

Who the shithead was it who granted those loans to ppl without IC?
Don't tell me those are foreigners? Can't be since the passport numbers are like yours & mine; ie starts with an "A". Mind you some even appeared without an "A" and one with just a coupla numbers as ID.

Let me just count the potential $$ down the toilet of those unrecoverable scholarship loans granted to ppl without IC.

24 x rgt30,000 = Rgt720,000 or Euro 144,000.

OK. That's like a drop in the Petronas ocean or in the KL city council budget.

I mean what's that compared to the dumbass florist bill of Rgt32.4 million (thirty two million??) for 3 years supply of flowers recently cancelled by KL City mayor that was highlighted here

Oh. Have I (like our policians) said "we are world class" yet?
We sure are "world class in anything we do, especially when it comes to throwing money down the toilet


Crankster said...

Good to have you back with a vengeance! :)

Anonymous said...

tks, aunty king !

GobloKing said...

HALLOO Friends! Thanks for prompt viewing!

Yeah Crank! I LIKE Vengeance.

I like it more when I have my computer back. I just have to get a friggin' more comfy chair than the one I have which is giving me a neck sprain!

To be honest I am now using HIS computer since he's the one with the ultra lux neck support chair!

Anonymous said...

wish i'm your babe bae !

GobloKing said...

SORRY anon! Aunty has "graduated" to younger pastures. The Flavor de Jour is now Kim Hyun Jung fr Boys over Flowers! MOVE OVER BAE!!!

Crankster said...

Comfy chairs are an exclusive privilege, methinks. I've heard 3 people complain about uncomfortable chairs in the past one month!

Anonymous said...

O! woman = woe+man !! SIGH !