Thursday, 19 November 2009

Aunty should learn to dress up when going shopping

I never learn.

I should learn by now that I MUST dress up & drive a Mercedes when I go shopping. Especially for expensive items.

Unfortunately I am the type of person who does the opposite just to test drive the customer service.

And this is what I've learnt.

Poor Shop Assistants can actually Talk you OUT OF A SALE even when you are panting to buy.

Take Case 1 as an example. Yesterday I was so hot to buy a La-z-Boy or a nice leather recliner chair, that I was burning up with fever.

After hearing a radio commercial about La-z-Boys being on sale at Harvey Norman's, I rushed immediately over to the nearest HN shop at Mid Valley.

I was such a willing buyer you wouldn't have to sweet talk me for too long. This is because owning a La-Z-Boy is up there on my list of "Things to Have before 2012 comes around"

And La-z-Boy chairs aren't that cheap. Not for me anyways. They are priced from the hi-end of Rm2000+ to Rm6000+.

However, in the 30mins I was at HN's, I actually walked off empty handed.

Firstly, when I walked in, there were 3 boisterous kids bouncing like crazy on them La-Z-Boys - without any one of the 3 Sales assistants near them stopping them from damaging the merchandise.

And these kids weren't bouncing for a minute, they were off the walls for 10 mins, with Daddy looking on fondly.

The SA only stopped these kids from bouncing when he tried to sell me the display sets at 20% discount. I asked him if he would be happy to spend his own few thousands to buy chairs which were abused like that?

He did say I could wait up to 4 months (no telling when he says!) for new stocks but I will have to pay 20% down first.

Did I wonder why Harvey Norman would be advertising stocks they didn't seem to have?

Did I really want to pay 20% off regular price for display chairs which had been bounced on from time immemorial? Or wait for who knows how long?

No. I didn't. I walked off & went in search of another store.

This one's located in a bungalow advertising recliner sofas & chairs on the main road of Section 16, PJ on the way to the Sprint. The parking is in front of the Shop so everyone can see the type of car you came in.

This Sales Assistant (or Proprietor?) took the cake for Worst Sales Man of the year.

First he chatted for 10 mins on the handphone while I looked-see. His chairs were definitely Not La-z-Boys but they were much cheaper. However since my heart was set on a la-z-boy, I needed someone to sell me the benefits of these La-Z-Boys lookalike.

I was asking him some questions when another lady rocked up.
She looked well heeled & was well dressed driving a Honda CRV. Sorry I didn't mention this before but yes. I am in a Myvi with my AhSoh tees & pants.

Ms Well-Dressed joined in my conversation with the Sales Assistant & asked if leather chair can be hot to sit in. Aunty piped in & told her she could always place a cotton sheet over it to overcome that problem, as I do.

But Mr SA immediately said to me
"What leather furniture do you have? What type of leather? Cow? Cow leather is never hot. We have 47 years of experience & we know this!"

I still didn't get it. I answered I have 2 sets of leather furniture, & even the Stressless from Norway is not cool COOL unless you have your air cond on.

He then asked me more aggressively now"What is stressless? I have never heard of Stressless"

I really don't mean to boast but you can google Stressless Furniture yourself.

On top of this, Mr.SA did not know that in Aunty's past existence she has been a purveyor of some of the highest end leather products & boy! Does she know her leather!

Even when we plonked down the money for our Stressless set in those days, Uncle made me promise NEVER to give it away because it was so costly, we literally ate noodles for a year.

And it's really galling for someone not to know from whence I come to knock me down in front of another stranger. Too much for my ego to take. I took a hike. Ms Well-Dressed also took a hike. Obviously she didn't like his tone with me either.

Today HALLELUJAH! I succeeded in buying my La-z-Boy in Bangsar from a really nice bungalow shop nearly facing Bangsar Shopping Centre. They had a full range. They had Stocks.

They had a lovely Sales Person who didn't care that I rocked up in a Myvi. And Yes. I bought the top of the range of the single seater.

Another time I will relate the story about a top jeweller in Singapore when Aunty brought along her backpack & was wearing running shoes.

SIGH. This was in the days when Aunty equated love with the size of a diamond. In a moment of madness Uncle promised to buy me a top grade rock which will cover my finger - to compensate for all the years he's bought me zip diamonds.

You don't see me wearing the diamond?

This is because I still need to learn that I must dress up and drive an expensive car so that I can be taken seriously when I want to walk in to a really expensive shop.


Anonymous said...

pada 21-12-2012 :-
'...bang, kalau...if we had the LAST hour left , wat shall we do ? '
" honey , we'll JUST make love !"
' ...ok ...BUT wat else 4 the next
55 minit left !? '
" ..........! "

Joe from USA said...

Looks like all those SAs did not watch "Pretty Woman", and assumed that was just Hollywood. Same thing happened to us when we went in to buy our Lexus. We came into first showroom in a small Nissan truck, plus we were sloppily dressed. You know how I dress when not working. Anyway, second showroom gave us all the time in the world, plus told us to take all the time to decide because he knew we went into showroom to REALLY BUY, not to just test drive because we already knew all the Lexus stats. Anyway, if I were you, tell those SAs to rent "Pretty Woman" AND LEARN. Cheap sales lesson for them.

GobloKing said...

so true Joe! I really NEVER will learn. & I am so not gonna tell them to learn. A sloppy SA is the sign of a sloppy shop & culture, & therefore after sales service will be just as bad.

Nobody told those suckers - particularly when they sell expensive items - that customers who walks in the door are those who have intention to buy or they wouldn't even dare step in.

And I am so enjoying my la-z-boy. I fell asleep in it for 2 hours today. A RECORD for someone who dont normally take naps of more than 15 mins & never in a chair!

btw we can only afford to look at locally assembled hondas for uncle here. the taxes are so prohibitive for imported cars! A lexus would be to DIE for here for us!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you please let me know the Shop contact number in Bangsar