Sunday, 29 November 2009

Is Mastering a Foreign Language equivalent to selling out your own?

For today, and only today, I will not speak "Aunty-speak".

When I do the Aunty-speak, some of you do the Aunty-bash, so today, allow me to do the Malaysiana patois with you

(Obviously this blog is in response to those who believe that speaking ONLY our national language in a government department is equivalent to being truly patriotic while speaking English will mean you are unpatriotic)

I have only this to say to orang2 macam tu - "GROW UP!"

What is the matter with us?
Isn't it terrific to know more languages than only one?

Isn't it terrific to be able to communicate with 1.5 billion people in the world than with let's say, 0.8billion (including Indonesians)?

What is exactly wrong with using a language which will enable us to gain more knowledge & expertise?

Yes. There is good & bad in knowledge, but that matter is a matter of maturity where one learns to discern & discard the bad from the good.

Which will give us more benefit than harm?

Using the world's most spoken language in a government department?
Choosing to use either one or the other?
Or a mix of everything, as we are wont to do?

Why must some feel that mastering a foreign language (English in this case) is like a bow to our history of colonialism (don't bash me over the head with that one; ain't nothing I can do about History folks).

Is speaking English (or Mandarin) a sign of being unpatriotic?

Come On!
Surely we lucky Malaysians can always use a Win/Win strategy in such a trivial matter?

Why not use any of 1 of the official languages we have? Isn't English one of them?

And does knowing a bit of one language & a bit of another putting us in a "neither here nor there" situation? I'll like to think that our speciality in speaking abit of everything marks us as Global survivors because who knows when & where knowing a little of something won't come in useful one day?

So get a life.

Start learning & mastering & practising any language you like.

Even if it's Hindi. 1 billion people in the world can't be that wrong!


Anonymous said...

tak nak baca sebab dalam bahasa lain

GobloKing said...

LOL & Yet another good one fr anon!

Anonymous said...

Bukan suruh you jangan master bahasa-bahasa asing.

Tapi ini malaysian, gunakan lah bahasa kita dalam hal-hal rasmi.

Susah sangat ke nak faham?

You mahukan english, orang lain mahukan tamil, yang lain mahukan mandarin.. sampai bila?
Bahasa rasmi dalam perlembagaan ialah bahasa melayu. Apa masalah kamu?