Sunday, 22 November 2009

What is wrong with some of our Bananas?

I am a great fan of what Bananas from Banana Republics say.

And seeing as our very own Beautiful MALAYSIA produces some of the world's best bananas, you can please draw your own conclusions.

Zorro Unmasked reports that a certain Deputy Minister (of Education no less!) has said that speaking English in the workplace is "weird" and harmful to the nation's culture and identity.

That statement in itself is Wonderfully Weird & Awfully Harmful.

I really don't know what are the criteria for picking ministers, diplomats or candidates to critical government positions but I hope our dear Government / Leaders will consider only appointing those with the following 3 Basic qualities:

1. That candidates should have (highly recommended here) a use-able & service-able Brain so that they may reflect a little on what they are going to say BEFORE they say it.

2. That candidates should have the Confidence to embrace & accept the Different, the Weird & the Strange, because if one were to turn the mirror around...?? Or does that conflict with the 1Malaysian concept?

3. That candidates be able to, competently Speak, Read & Write English, if not also Mandarin, Hindi & French.

Or isn't it trueI that more people in the world speaks these languages than ....Sadly & alas!..Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Indonesia?

Ofcourse some may say I am one of those who feel that even a fart from a white man smells better than perfume emanating from a local.

But I don't think so sirree.

I think that I am only one of the hundred of millions in this world who think that the ability to speak a foreign language well does not diminish one's love for one's country, race, religion or culture.

And definitely speaking a foreign language well certainly does not make one a better (or worst) person than the next.

So Mr Git-an-Education-y'self, please take a jump outta that well. It's time you left that round sky behind you!


Anonymous said...

aunty, if u give him a birday cheque
of one million sen , he'll return to the sender with a note: ' sila tulis amaun duit dalam BM ' !

GobloKing said...

EH! THAT ONE DAMN GOOD ONE - MAN!! I likee yr style. Keep 'em comin'

Aunty still shocked she nevah thot of that good one herself!

Anonymous said...

terima kasih !

zorro said...

Anon2217! Superlative!!!!! You need to start blogging lah.

Syamsul said...

You said;

"I think that I am only one of the hundred of millions in this world who think that the ability to speak a foreign language well does not diminish one's love for one's country, race, religion or culture."

So why speak a foreign language in work places in government linked companies ? this is what he was asking. Why speak a foreign language in the general day to day operations of government agencies ?
Would you advocate that china do the same? Maybe you should also promote that China uses Bahasa Malayu in their government agencies day to day operation.

Let me ask you this - Would the Chinese government be pleased to find its officials speaking in Korean? Why is it OK for Chinese government to speak in Mandarin but its not OK for Malaysian government to speak in Malay? Why?

You chauvinists really hate everything Malay don't you? Anything Malay is ridiculed. We are not even allowed to have our language as the official language now hm?

Its ok, keep up this act of chauvinism, its good because it will make the malays united.
Dont go crying when its not a cow head we behead the next time.

Anonymous said...

Aren't our bananas meant to be goreng-ed!!!!

GobloKing said...

Thank YOU! You see how YOU are a huge Reason for me to continue goreng-ing Bananas in my Blog?!

However I am rather curious abt what on earth would racists like you hang to replace the head of a cow?

Eh! You know I am merely another Aunty so why not spell out what you want to say?

Or does racism still rhyme with cowardice under yr round sky?

Don't worry. I sure as hell won't stoop to yr paranoid level of thinking where everything has to do with racism.

I may be an Aunty but I aint so dumb!

Anonymous said...

They speaking mandalin but go to outer space so it's ok and their collupt people who speaking their own language get shot in the head and don't get to become aluns or mbs.They are good with their own mandalin and become better with foleign languages. We cannot claim to be any better with our own language judging by its usage and our foleign language over the years also going down the dlain some more.Got all the latest books in science and technology in our own language ones aah? Tlanslated ones also don't have enough so how to become better maa... Their books on how to go to the moon I konfident sure litten in mandalin one. There lies one small diffelence lah.Many more small and humungous diffelences also you can think of('humungous' collect spelling and usage one aah?). Also at home I speaking my own language one so not much of a ploblem meh. Outside, I am also wanting to speak a little Inglit to make myself better so it will not going down the dlain like so many of us ones laah! Cannot aah? I still love my own language maa... Also, these people send their children overseas and study in foleign language one. Why aah? Talk only not like do one..Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

To this pukefaced bugger: "Gonads are good for their own functions, but ain't a replacement for your brain".

Syamsul said...

Old woman still avoided the question.
Why is it okay for china government to speak mandarin, but its not ok for malaysian government to advocate speaking Malay for government official purposes?

Answer the question.
Dont avoid it by going around in circles.

Anonymous said...

Can't stand people who are racist like him...Syamsul. It is ok for China to use Mandarin in all business dealings and govt agencies BECAUSE people are able to translate all words in science, technology and legal environment. Please ask yourself would our beloved Dewan Pustaka and Bahasa able to do that. I was one of those who were affected by studying Physics in BM and the translation was horrendous.So please check before passing racist remarks. Furthermore if speaking English is so weird why our ex Education minister sent his kids to Alice Smith International Sch and Toyo sent his kids to Melbourne Uni. aaahhh I am just so fed up with people like you..

Syamsul said...

See how racist this chinese can be.

Nicely sugar coated words but in a nutshell, they just mean this:

1) Malays are not smart enough to translate words.

2) Malay language is not as good as speaking mandaring because china is better than us because they are more advanced

3) Malays are too stupid and we dont have books with knowledge in BM

Keep poking fire please. It is my pleasure that you do so. Because it will help more malays to wake up and see the truth in what is happening in malaysia

GobloKing said...

SIGH SIGH SIGH! Pl start yr own blog. I think you need Heaps to get offa yr chest!

All other racists out there: Even MORE signs!!