Sunday, 27 December 2009

And what a Feast it's been!

Dear Santa in North Pole,
Turkeys & Legs of Lamb sitting in my Belly, Underarms, & Butt
& Pudding doused in Brandy

Our Turkey who art in Heaven
Tasty be thy Name
Thy Meat be Done
Our pants be undone

To say we missed our neighbour's party due to a technical problem is an understatement. We are still thinking of a nice way to say "We didn't turn up because we were really too HAPPY & wiped out somewhere else to move our Arse". That would be kamikaze neighbour style.

Yess. We had the Most Lovely Lundin yesterday. Yeah. Lundins. A Lunch which turns into Dinner. They're much better than Brunches. Ask my belly.

First off. Uncle & I want to Thank Christine Who washed up copious amounts of pots & pans in preparing the feast & to Rory who cooked a "passable" Lundin. The Turkey, Lamb & Potatoes wasn't too shabby.

Not too shabby? In Aunty Speak this translated from "Don't give me too much. I can't finish these 6 slices of turkey on my plate" into "What do you mean the turkey's finished? I only had a tiny sliver!"

What's the big deal you say? Well. No morsel of Turkey has passed these angelic lips for the past 25 years. Not since I have had to eat that sucker for a year every day in USA when I was on a tight budget & race to finish my degree sooner. I had kept to that vow until yesterday. And now no damn turkey's safe from me.

We also want to give a special big Mwahhh to Laura who became Uncle's Bestest Gal yesterday. He just loves them well brought up young ladies. Besides pouring the drinkies, Laura made sure her Da's & Uncle Bear's cups were never empty. Have I mentioned she was pouring the drinkies non-stop like a well-trained host on a 1st class flight?

We were so sated from our Lundin last night that about the only activity I could muster was to change into my draw string pants & collapse into my la-z-boy. Uncle showered & changed into his Sports Teeshirt to go to bed.

Sports Tee shirt? Yes. He was THAT gone he thought it would be a lovely time to go hit some golf balls last night. Who am I to piss on his parade?


Paranoid Android said...

Aiyayaiyayai! I love that fat cat pix! Kind of reminds me of myself after stuffing my face with food. Glad you had a utterly delectable LUNDIN, and I would like to wish both you and unc a Healthy, Happy New Year, filled with good food, good friends and good times. And less morons in public office. *crosses fingers, toes and eyes*

Anonymous said...

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