Thursday, 17 December 2009

Bloggers Ethics

It's not that I am MIA...I am BUSY!
X'mas has that effect on me, and it seems - on millions of women around the world too.

If there is 1 thing the world can do for us mothers & wives is - instead of declaring only 1 measly day as "Mother's Day", it would be to get rid of all festivals so that us women folks can take a breather.

I mean, when was the last time you saw a Daddy clean the house, take out the decor, decorate, shop & cook for the entire kit & kaboodle for 1 whole month & then again undo all that AFTER the festive season? say it's worth it just to see the lovely happy smiles on the family's face? You there. You must be a bloke!

Awww.. just Forgive me plse. I am just too numb & cranky from yet another round of shopping today. But that isn't going to stop me when something JUMPS out at me in the media. With my last shopping breath, l just have to get this out.

THIS time, its that issue over "blogger ethics".

Just read today that some numbskull here in World Class Land is recommending "strongly" that bloggers should adhere to "ethics".

I dunno about you lot living in "highly developed" countries, but seems like you lot just ain't as highly developed as we are here.

Yeah! We've got ethics for bloggers to follow. What ethics? Where is it written? Who wrotteth it? And from a country who's actually fallen a few notches on the corruption index? HUGE LOL (laugh out loud lah!)

Blogger ethics? In my mind these 2 words are an F**king oxymoron. If I were paid to blog, then - and only a tiny bit MAYBE THEN, I may follow these invisible ethics.

But if you, like me (& the 99% of all bloggers out here) are basically blogging to express yourself or to let some steam out, then what's the point in blogging if we needed to adhere to ethics? Out here in bloggerland, it's Reader Beware.
Don't like my point of view? Fcuking click away then.

Or does our Power on High mean "ethics" like not exposing, mentioning or criticising the vast amount of injustice, corruption, apartheid, sexism & rot in our fair land?

Oh! WAIT! I get it now.

You mean if we are controlled, sorry. I mean if we "adhered to ethics", ie then we wouldn't be saying things are happening, and so there is no corruption, racism etc happening here?

Sure. And I was the 15th woman Tiger Woods had an affair with too.


Anonymous said...

Phew ! ...relax down ,ok ?
sing : 'be happy dun worry' !

GobloKing said...

hello! That guy who made that dont worry be happy song? He died young. Go Figure!:)

Anonymous said...

u better watch out & u better look out ....guess siapa coming to town !?