Tuesday, 22 December 2009

For Auld Acquaintance be..

In recalling 2009, I can only say that, despite the big personal storms which tossed us around, we have learnt, in retrospect, that the sun does shine brighter after a storm.

Storm 1: My sister Shirley died in June after a short illness. Her passing came as a big shock to us, in particular her children & grandchildren. In life we could have been better friends to each other but we weren't.

The sun in my life now is that every time I interact with her grandkids, I see the good that was my sister shining through in the children she had loved so much.

Storm 2: The 1st quarter of this year seemed like an eternity in Madagascar while the 2rd to 3rd quarter was waiting to exhale.
Ofcourse you now know that at the height of Madagascar's troubles, we were caught there in limbo, rumors, gun fire & intimidation.

I lost much sleep & some weight worrying over our safety & yet not being able to leave due to Uncle's sense of duty to his staff. Yes. You heard right. He stayed from a sense of duty to his staff & not his bosses.

And we were lucky we left Madagascar when we did because had we left earlier as per our scheduled trip, we would surely have gone back & then been caught in the mud & murkyness of an unlawful coupe d'etat.

But that was not my sun shining through.

My sun shining through is to see my husband of 22 years come through the ordeal so well despite losing his job at this stage of our life.

He's trim, fit, healthy & optimistic. He's quit smoking after 30years, drinks very occasionally & takes pride in gardening; a skill neither of us knew he had.

He wants to work again, but is not unhappy he has time to smell the roses. He even takes time to chat with me, a luxury for a double-career couple who thought chatting was reserved only for when we had to face each other when we were on holiday.

Now he knows I am a TV addict & media whore, & I know he doesn't necessarily turn off the taps after washing his hands or screw back the cover off the Coffee Jar.

And NO, I wouldn't exchange Uncle for all the screwed jars in a supermarket.

Happy Xmas to 1 & All!!


Anonymous said...

'i wouldn't trade u for the world !'
sang ...sang ...who, pls !

Paranoid Android said...

Dear Auntie,

Merry Christmas and A Happy new year to you and Uncle too. Yes, I can recall those tumultuous moments in Madagascar where you gave us a blow by blow account of what was happening until the internet connection went bonkers. I am glad that you have finally found some peace (and the silver lining) here despite all that have happened, with your optimism and sense of humor very much intact.


Anonymous said...

'those were the days' ,,,,,sigh !

GobloKing said...

So who's singing "I wouldn't trade you for the world"? Let's NOT get carried away here. I would - in a heart beat trade the man I love - for a man I most lust!

Yessiree! there's always a little "tiger" in us all LOL

But seeing as my days of lust is mainly south of the border, & so are my looks, I am just gonna stick with the one who can pick his wife out by whiffin' the air than any imaginary lover!

GobloKing said...

I just saw yr blog. You've just saved my lil life as to where to go for xmas!! Tasty blog dear!

Joe from U.S. said...

Glad to know that Uncle finally quit smoking. However, the important question is did you too?
If so, then indeed the sun will shine much brighter as each day passes. Lots of love and Happy 2010!!!

Paranoid Android said...

Thanks! Your hatred for Pavilion is almost legendary (Thanks to Uncle Bernard for this little snippet), but unfortunately I had included some makan places there. I hope it helped. Glad you are back in action!

GobloKing said...

No Dear Joe. More the sorry for myself I couldn't or wanted to. Not even a bloody excuse except for .... I WILL TRY. As it is I am cutting down to 6 sticks a day - which to me is a bloomin' miracle!

GobloKing said...

Greg Sweetie!
Doncha "pavillion" me! Any place else you recommend will be definitely be visited by me. I am a Food Whore!