Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Meanwhile on a World Class Banana Island

And now for what's happening on our world-class Banana Island. Yes. I have to conclude we live on a remote island.

Take this example where something so noble & worthwhile known as NATIONAL CIVICS BUREAU is not what we think it is.

The name should immediately clue you into its raison d'etre. In short, it is supposed to raise the civic conscience of our Nation; ie provide CIVICS classes. Or is it?

Yes. You were like me. You thought that the National part in its name "National Civics Bureau" implies that they are to do this all over our great land, OF & ON all the fair people who inhabits this land, for ALL the people to benefit.

As we now know. WRONG! Now we know the NCB is a misnomer for what the Bureau does.

And if not for all those damn busybodies blogging about this, then our very own NATIONAL CIVICS BUREAU will NOT need to reflect the presence of other races in their courses.

But now, unfortunately, due to the uncomfortable expose of all you busybodies, the wonderful courses must be revamped.

My question is:
What if no other races participated in attending these courses? Then, would the HUGE mistake/overlook in the courses of the NATIONAL CIVICS BUREAU be reported?

And on which remote island in the middle of the Antartic is the NATIONAL CIVICS BUREAU's office of Malaysia located that they didn't know about the presence of "other" races?

The last I checked we have far more than 3 or 4 races. And this situation has been...like since......FOREVER.

I must hand it to the Government though. They did quite a remarkably fast turnaround to address this issue.
This morning in the NST front page, our Minister to PM's Dept, Nazri said:

"The courses conducted by the bureau are very good and it is only that the curriculum needs to be revamped"

I am now totally confused. Nazri seems to say that the Subjects (or courses) conducted are good, but only that the group of subjects (curriculum) are bad.

So....oooooo....in Aunty speak now, are we saying that the cempadaks' good but the tree's bad? Or the seeds are good but the fruit's bad?

I still don't get what Nazri said. Can someone please help un-confuse me?

Just in case you thought I BS-ed you on the definitions check the below out from Cambridge Dictionary online:

curriculum (noun)
/kəˈrɪk.jʊ.ləm/ n [C] (plural curricula or curriculums)
the group of subjects studied in a school, college, etc.
the school curriculum

course (noun) (CLASSES)
/kɔːs//kɔːrs/ n
[C] a set of classes or a plan of study on a particular subject, usually resulting in an examination or qualification

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