Monday, 25 January 2010

Don't rock the boat?

I am quite sea worthy I think. Which may account for why I rock the boat occasionally. No. I really don't throw far.

However in the past week, it would seem I have rocked the boat a little too hard. Or so some concerned friends tell me. "Aren't you being a little too "bold" in your blogging?" "Don't blog about any Sultans" "Be careful you don't say anything about...."

I don't think I am bold or disrespectful. I happen to like some of our I like that lovely Kim Hyun Jung in "Boys over Flowers". And when I blog, I am only giving myself some space to vent & to think aloud. Surely one is still permitted to think aloud? Even here, right?

And aren't there people who think like I do?

If not, who & why the heckness are those people reading my inane & insane blog pieces?

I truly don't believe I am the lone crackpot in a China shop. It's just that the silent majority is truly silent because they feel they lack the gift of the gab, the pen, it just for "safety" they don't speak up?

And you know why we don't speak up, don't you?

Because we are nice, quiet, non-shit-stirring minorities. Because our mamas & our papas tell us "Don't rock the boat baby".

But why should we just continue to take the leftovers, the crumbs, the tip toeing all the time despite contributing to our nation building, our economy, our vibrant diversity of cultures?

Because we should "be grateful" we were given citizenship? Despite some of our families having lived here for well nigh over 100yrs? Oh come ON!

And if I am not going to speak up for myself, just who's going to speak up for me?

MCA? Err...and what have they done for me recently..or even...years ago?.
DAP? You mean the House of Lims?
PKR? I do like a few of them but I still can't trust Anwar Ibrahim.

Until I read Malaysia Today's article:

Read it.
This article highlighted the use of the word "tolerate" in conjunction with religion. Well! It sure helps to know I am not the only loco person out here objecting to this word.

And while I'm on a roll about words I dislike. 2 other words when its coupled to the word "Muslim" I abhor is "Moderate" & "Fanatic". Seems like there are no Moderate or fanatical Christians or Moderate & fanantical Buddhists but there are Moderate & fanatical Muslims?

What? I'm rocking the boat again? Then don't climb on aboard with me!

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zorro said...

Spoken like the boat-rocking aunty I know. One sure way to keep the boat from drifting aimlessly is to rock it!
Will you and uncle join us at Haiti fund-raising at Patrick Teoh's. Let me know, please.