Thursday, 21 January 2010

"Praise the Lord!"

I'm not getting religious on you but I received this email & dunno how true it is. If it is, seems like the congregation at Metro Tabernacle Church (MTC) has every reason to Praise the Lord Indeed!

Here goes!

1) The night before the church was burned their Pastor was at the church past 11pm because he wanted to check his emails. He is a very hardworking person and has a habit of wanting to complete his work as much as possible. But he is also very sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

When he got to the church premise and was about to swipe the card to open the door, he had a terrible stomachache that he had never had before. He knew that the Lord was telling him to go back home and he obeyed and left the church premise.

It was past midnight that the church was torched. If he had not obeyed he would have been burned alive and would not be able to live to tell this wonderful testimony.. God still has work for him to do on earth. His time was not up yet.

2) MTC had trouble moving to the new premises in Batu Caves . They had been waiting for approval from the Local Authorities and is still pending.

Then they were facing financial difficulties as they needed to buy new furniture for the new premise. They had been raising funds on their own to relocate to Batu Caves but had been “stuck” due to approval permits and raising more $ to buy new furniture and equipment.

So when the church was burned it was all the old stuff that they had been wanting to get rid off! And our Govt compensated them RM500K and CIMB and many other donations started to pour in. From an adversity it turned into a blessing!

3) C, a member of MTC has been rejoicing in the office and shared with our Boss the story above. Today at our Management meeting, the Boss said "I have never seen anyone so full of joy when the church got burned down but instead she said it was a blessing."

4) C said the church leaders and members shook hands with Najib and they released forgiveness for whatever that has happened in the past.

C said Najib felt very welcomed at the church. Hishamuddin commented that during his visit he has never seen so many smiling faces when their church had just been burned down.

5) MTC had requested for the Batu Caves new church premise to be turned into a place of worship and not a commercial zone.

The Selangor Govt is looking into it and the MB, Khalid gave his assurance that he will look into it personally.
A Note to some of you Dufus wondering what's the big deal in having a Church being built instead of whatever it is Christians are using at this time
It has been years & years & years since that permits for building places of worship (like churches) are denied the permit. Christians have been resorting to using shops or commercial buildings for their worship.
6) A few years ago a visiting speaker from overseas prophesied that the MTC would be in international news. At that time the congregation thought that their Pastor would be traveling around the world to preach as he was already doing that but she said now they understood what the speaker said.

7) It was good to see many church leaders of other denominations coming together at the MTC worship service over the last few days, united and praying together.

End of Story.
And to some of you smart alecks out there. Please don't go around burnin' your old stuff & claiming it was a religious attack just because you need new furniture !


Anonymous said...

8 arson suspects were arrested & 2 got burnt seeking treatment in the hospital ....Hallelujah !!

GobloKing said...

I hope those are the REAL culprits & not some scapegoats who did the biding!

Anonymous said...

WHO paid them to destroy churches ?
GOD knows & has HIS way !