Saturday, 16 January 2010

Queasy Feeling's still there

My feeling of unease does not seem to know that I have commanded a cut off date for it to GO AWAY. I had thought that come 15th of Jan I would no longer have butterflies in my stomach, anticipating in dread for something to happen.

This is the same feeling of dread I have been having daily since early Dec. Well folks. That feeling not only has not gone away, it has gone even WORST today. And I have not eaten a bad curry either.

However for right now, I just want to get this OFF my Chest!

To ALL the MORONS who had been attacking the Mosque in Sarawak, the Churches & the Sikh Temple - Please GET THE F*** OUT of our Country.

Maybe there are places like a deserted island where you can blow yourself up but have you ever considered that in what you do, Innocent People may well get hurt ? Yeah you Dickhead. Your father, mother, spouse, children, siblings - the whole flipping platoon man!

YOU may not have good friends & close family here but I do! So if you desperately want to throw some rocks & molotov - Please just GET THE Fudge OUT of MY MALAYSIA!

Now Robert ever the pragmatic Realist - who doesn't like to mince words has only this to say "The shits' just gonna pile higher & deeper from here"


It would seem that this A word problem is not a little problem which will go away, not even in Sabah & Sarawak, no matter what Nazri has said on behalf of the government.

So what happens now?

The only thing that can happen now is for the Church to give up. After all, a Rose is still a Rose by any other name...after all surely the majority religion gets to dictate what they want?

Which reminds me. Since Jakim would like to get into the action. How about fighting for some other stuff. Like changing the day of rest from Sunday to Friday? We should follow East Coast of Malaysia on that one.

Then. What about the money we use?

Why not a kosher currency - to be handled only by kosher people?

What happens when one goes abroad & have to handle all those non-kosher foreign currencies? Yeah. Those pesky foreign countries too should follow suit.

And make it mandatory for females to cover up. I think that's a good move. After all, even France seems to be giving in on that one. And no more Astro beaming in all those morally corrupt series, movies & news.

Ooohhh! I like this one. We should only admit people into Malaysia who has consumed Hallal food in the past 48 hours. The air would be purer.

I did say this once in jest to Wanna my friend from the South of Thailand that maybe there should be an exchange program given all the trouble in the South. Muslims from Thailand's South should move South to Malaysia, & Non - Muslims from Malaysia can move to the South of Thailand. After all the weather, & coconut trees' about the same whether it's here or there.

I can survive Madagascar's troubles because that was NOT my country. Not that this is Malaysia, my beloved country, it seems like a whole new ball game to my stomach.


SY said...

Am disappointed and hope that it is not a Christian who threw stones at the mosque. Went to Metro Tablernacle to give moral support last aSunday. Pastor Ong rightly emphasised that Malaysians have been brought up memorising the Rukun Negara that emphasised our belief in God. Thus no place of worship should be attacked -- be it a mosque, church or temple. May the culprits seek God's forgiveness at once.

Anonymous said...

8 arson suspects were arrested & the 1st ONE was badly burnt !