Friday, 29 January 2010

A smaller bone for all

Oohh..don't I look so sorry with such a tiny fake bone? Yeah. That's how I feel after talking with Uncle. Today's 1 of those days when his Uncle-ness & I talk deep deep. Today as a treat to him after he's planted like 30 patches of grass like a maniac in our Botak garden, I let him talk. So he's decided we should talk about Stuff I generally don't like talking about.

No. Wipe that grin off your face. It's nothing to do with any bodily functions. It's about the Economy.

Yes. It's kinda tough for an Aunty-Aunty type like me to talk to someone whose Maths, & Economics is far superior to mine. On top of that, he's Piled Higher & Deeper in that area.

Although he can be rather dry & factual, it is interesting to hear his thoughts. We normally hear MY thoughts because I am vocal & verbal (how did you guess?) but even Aunty here knows that occasionally one should let the other part speak up too.

We were on the subject of the prices of cars (supposed to drop soon) & the prices of fuel (supposed to increase even sooner) while we were chomping into our cold delicious water melon tonight.

So. If the price of cars are set to go down, then sales should increase, ja?
Cheaper car? For the price of my Myvi, I can finally get a Honda Accord? YES! Fist pumpin' the Air. Ya.

Right says he. If the price of fuel were to go up, then fewer would buy cars, right? That would be better for the environment & its about time Malaysians buy fuel at non subsidised prices.

Eh...NO. It's not that we want to use fuel, it's that we NEED to use the fuel. I had to enlighthen his Unc-ness (who is quite new to this corner of our world) that unlike other parts of the world, here even the poorer of us in the middle, or lower middle class (which should account for 70% of the population) must have some sort of personal transportation in order to EARN A LIVING.


Obvious lah!

How often do you see public buses plying the burbs? In the burbs, it's far easier to spot cows jumping over the moon than it is to spot a bus. And ofcourse as we are all aware, the poorer one is, the further in the burbs one lives. WALK? In this heat? With the killer traffic & killer drivers?

I just dread that with the costs of fuel increasing, then everything else will also increase - as we have witnessed in the last round 2 years ago.

And there is also the GST (or VAT) to be imposed on the people. Wow.

Let's work how how much someone with a non-working wife & 2 kids plus 1 aging parent, 1 car & a mortgage must earn in order to sustain (key word is Sustain) a life in the burbs, says he. Out came the back of an old envelope & a pen. Here's our estimation

Monthly Fixed Costs
Mortgage: Rgt400
Annnualized Costs associated with home ownership eg insurance, land tax, assessment: Rgt 30
Car instalment : Rgt300
Electricity, phone: 60 (I assume no air conditioning)
School bus: Rgt 80 (assuming a dim witted saint who's willing to take the kids for that price)
Sub Total 1 : Rgt 840 (without putting a grain of rice into the mouth yet)

Now let's be stupid & assume this family has to eat for whatever strange reasons. I am assuming that they will never ever get sick. Like NEVER!

Food: Rgt300 (I want to shake the hands of whoever it is who's able to feed a family of 5 with that amount for a month!)
Daddy's Pocket Money (I am guessing he's also got to eat lunch some times): Rgt100
Fuel for his car: Rgt150
Sub Total 2: Rgt 550
Total: Rgt 1,390

Clothes? Medical costs? Pocket money for the family? Savings? A Maid to help out so that the wife can work? Are you kidding me? Like someone said. No time to get sick. Only time to die.
This shows that the average income a family person must earn can be no less than Rgt 2,000 per month. After his tax, his pension deduction, that would be about right. Ofcourse if you are a graduate that's not a problem after a few years of working.

I know someone who's tutoring at a local university. With a foreign degree, a dynamic personality, & a few years of working experience, he's now earning Rgt3000 a month. But this is because he's jumping through hoops to get that money, including working in another town for 4 days a week.

So how many people have a job these days?
How many people have a good job these days?
How many are not afraid of rising costs these days?
How many are feeling secure that they would never lose their job these days?

You know. I really REALLY TRULY DEEPLY Care that we will become a High Income Economy soon. But I see the realities too. You don't? When was the last time a competent Sales person served you?

MAN! In my Auntyfied opinion we are far & away from being a HIE any time soon, let alone in the twinkling of an eye of a 10 yr period.

What are you looking at me for? I wasn't the one promising you a Hi-income was I?
All I can promise you is: don't get too excited about the Ang Pow you are getting from this Aunty any time soon!

Psst. I wanted to add this postscript for those Morons vandalizing places of worship in the hope of stirring shit? Aunty would like to bless you with this: May you be infested with the fleas of a Thousand Camels Tonight!


Paranoid Android said...

Ma chère tante,

May I add something to your curse? Since they are shit stirrers, May I curse that the fleas just infest them where shit comes out and may their arms be broken so that they cannot scratch where they infestation is? :P

GobloKing said...

AIYOH! VERY good one. You sure beat me at curses.

I was actually thinking HARD of a curse I can inflict on those morons without inseerting a single french word !

This is now official. Android is my Curse Consultant.