Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Stoppit you "naughty boys"!

I like this photo of a cow sneaking it in, or is it a bull? Or a cow being given some bull? Looks like some of us at this moment I'd say.

Bull, or screw. Here is this report about stones being thrown at a Sikh temple yesterday evening. Our MIBs (men in blue) says that it's the work of some "naughty boys".

I'm a tad puzzled.
Using which forensic method & which evidence did they find to draw this conclusion? AHAH! Yes! From noting that a sub-station nearby was also similarly stoned.
OK. And I would believe that story too except the coincidences are mighty high. Just how often do we encounter sub-stations being stoned? Or encounter sub-stations which happened to be next to a Temple being stoned?
I live not far from a sub station, and despite it being quiet there, nobody in all these 30 years has ever broken through that filmsy gate. Not even once. We should be disappointed at the level of naughty boys we get here in our neighbourhood.

But it is pretty puzzling to Aunty as to how our MIB can conclude so niftily - particularly when there were no witnesses at all, that it's the work of some naughty boys.

Heck! Why not naughty girls? I protest in this gender discrimination. Girls can be plenty naughty too Mr MIB?

And somehow I feel the term "naughty boys" has been used to set us up mentally.
For what? How about in the eventuality the naughty boys are caught & they just get a naughty little slap on the hand?

The word naughty is indeed a very interesting term to use. When we use the word "naughty" in conjunction with "boys", it is like saying these perps has a diminished responsibility to what they did.
It's like me using the word Aunty anytime I get things wrong just so you will excuse me for my idiot-ness.

And it Works! Yessir! EXCEPT.

EXCEPT destroying or damaging property is a Crime. Throwing flames, bombs & stones is a CRIME.
And these crimes has gone wa..aayyyy beyond naughtiness.
I would call that a BIG crime. A Bigger crime than singing the Negara Ku with candles in hand. MUCH FCUKING BIGGER.

So please Mr MIB.
When you catch those Morons, just hit them with a Big Stick. Because whoever did it did it with Intent, Purpose & Ill Will.

Or would you prefer me to ask them "Stoppit you naughty boys" nicely?

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