Sunday, 10 January 2010

Who's Afraid of the Small Dick Brigade?

I don't mean to freak anyone out but I am freaking even myself out this past month.

I ain't a crystal ball reader. And no smartdick. That's not a picture of me looking at a crystal ball either.

I am merely telling you that I happen to be 1 of those you would call a "sensitive". I "feel" things.
That came out dumb but that's the dumb thing about it.

I have learnt to trust my guts better as I age. And Yeah. I do "see" & sense the other side too.

Nope. Don't do tarot cards & it's not a gift. More like a curse.

Anyhoos. At the beginning of Dec, I had such a strong sense of forboding I felt sick. The feeling was so bad, I got sick. Physically.

Told Unc there & then that something evil this way comes.

Later in the month he asked if I was referring to Mayon's imminent eruption. Nope. It felt nothing like a volcanic eruption. At least not my forboding. Not even an earthquake. Or a tsunami.

I just "knew" whatever it was, will happen between Dec & Jan 15. I also knew we (as in he+me) will be fine & if nothing happens by Jan 15? WHOOPEE DODAH DAY! I was wrong so you can shoot me.

Too soon to do the rain dance for joy. On Friday Jan 8, while still in Bangkok I received news of these cowardly attacks on the churches. On Sat Jan 9, the International Herald Tribune already had a big photo of protesters on the front page with the headline (like) "Churches attacked over use of word Allah". Is this bad news for Malaysia's investment & tourism climate? No shit Watson.

So that was the source of my ill forboding? I still don't know. It feels like it MAY be it. If it did, it still doesn't feel right on the money.
No. I never expected my forboding will turn out something like this. And 1 of the churches attacked was in our neighbourhood.

Like 99.99% of the normal Joes in Malaysia, we had never expected that this sort of utterly despicable act will happen. NEVER. Not in the Malaysia we know. Not the Malaysians we know.

More importantly I asked my guts. Will this series of bullshit stop? "No Sir" says gut.

Today on Sunday 3 more churches were attacked.
And now I will talk about these perpetrators. I will call them "smalldicks" for short.
I am fearful that these smalldicks will attack mosques just so it will look like the Christians retaliating while covertly it is their smalldick sick agenda of rallying muslims in the hope of creating an even greater divide.

I hope not. In fact I BANISH these thoughts. I am still strong in my conviction that the Malaysians I walk with in the streets here would never rise against their brothers & sisters but will instead trust the wisdom (sic) of our Leaders to take care of us (for once), while we in turn will continue to respect & care for each other.

I curse these smalldicks. May their dicks simply wither & fall off. Yes. That would make me mighty happy.

And no. I ain't very religious. Or you can say I am covering all bets in believing alittle bitsa this & alittlebitsadat. So I (unlike you) can wish just about anyone ill as much as I like! Yeah. Smalldicks. YOU.

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