Sunday, 21 February 2010

And the BARF-ta Awards goes to..

"I am really sorry (x11 or is it...???)"
“But it does not mean that since Datuk Najib is a reserve person, I am making the decisions... I am the type, who will voice out my dissatisfaction, but once said, it is done. I do not harbour feelings,”

Gulp...Be right back. I think I ate some bad Yu Sheng last nite

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Save the Sharks

Our Potential Prime Minister (currently Deputy PM) said this yesterday
“While the caning meted out by civil courts can cause hurt and sometimes even death, caning according to syariah law is light. It is more to educate and remind Muslims to honour and abide by the laws of the religion,” he said after chairing the Cabinet committee on human capital development yesterday

Our Deputy PM said he believed that with better understanding and knowledge of how the process was executed, the matter of women being caned for committing religious offences would not be a “sensational issue.”

Yeah. Yeah. Some of you kindly pointed out that since I am not of the Faith, I should thererfore STF up.

But can still ask right? And y'all know Aunty's IQ level right? 1 hand count still got fingers left over.

So. To my Dear Great Leader DPM
SIR! Some Questions please SIR? If you please SIR!?

How many men has thus far been whipped to serve the same objectives (of educating & reminding)?

Is it true that caning & corporal punishments are the only effective ways to educate & remind the faithful to stay faithful?
Then may I make a small suggestion? Let's make such events public. Make the punishment count ie let it be painful. And let the faces of the unfaithful be seen so as to shame them.

Or we can say, let's make them learn the lesson in a more humane way. Substitute corporal punishment with hard community work.

Aunty here thinks that since we are going down this path, then let's get anyone who makes their faith be seen in a poor light - including traffic offenders, irresponsible parents etc.

If not, where got meaning in punishing the minnows but let the sharks swim free?

Friday, 19 February 2010

Don't Stop the Caning!

Before someone whops my a**se this photo is NOT of our Malaysia caning those 3 women. I think it's supposed to be in Acheh or something.

Anyhoos. There I was taking a blog hiatus due to visitors & then Chinese new year. Seems like nobody noticed I did not hang out the Red Lantern 'cause they & we still indulged.

I only came out to defend the religious police canning the 3 women caught having sex out of wedlock.
Mind you. I have yet to read if they caned the 3 men (they are men I assume?) caught with these 3. Did anyone read if the 3 other partners were punished too?

Now I am 1 for freedom of worship & the rights of religious leaders to mete out punishments because other than that, who the heck is gonna toe the line, huh?

I may not understand why some believe in a Vindictive Compassionate Higher Being who will force mere mortals into believing in Him but there you go. I am no Judge or Moral Compass. As you can tell..n'cest pas?

But Aunty adores moralistic people. Like me, they have the strongest conviction that the flesh is weak, the Devil can be beaten out, & that obviously love & forgiveness has no free will but are feelings which can be forced.

Way to go Bro! Aunty's like you. Just ask Uncle.

Sneaked a look at some gals in jeans. Whop! Cane him.
Took a tipple with the Boys? Whop! Cane him.

Way better to bend him to my will than wait for for some sense to knock his brains.

And while we are on the Moralistic Hi Ground, I would also like to draw the attention of our Finest Religious Police to go out & do more of their Fine Duties.
Don't be afraid Mr RP to make Bigger Examples of Even More Prominent Citizens. That would be more educational & instructive than caning some ikan bilis/anchovies.

In fact since our RPs seems more effective, I would love for them to catch & punish those caught lying, stealing, murdering, plundering, looting
OMG! What am I saying?

We would have no one left standing if that was the case. And then what will we do? Be at the bottom of the list for Most Corrupted Countries? And then where will we be? Just plain old "world class"?

But one thing for sure. The caning of the 3 women & soon another that lady for drinking alcohol? The religious Police did Gooo...oood.

In this my Kak Rosmah joins me in congratulating our Fine Religious police & Syariah court. May our Men be Shaking in their Sarongs!!

Friday, 5 February 2010


I read with amusement in The Malaysiainsider comments on the piece where Nasir apologised for his uncalled for remarks at a 1Malaysia seminar.

Which makes me wonder if N knew he was at a 1Malaysia gathering but mistook it for an Only1forMalaysia seminar?)

In any event none of the commentators seemed to accept his apologies. 1 of the comments making me chuckle is the one who wrote "Sorry? Sorry then balai polis no need open already lor"

I think the commentator is saying that if criminals knew that all they had to do was to apologise for commiting their crimes & they will then be let go free, then there's really no need for any police stations. Good point.

However I also read with amazement a VERY prominent blogger (origins Malacca) asking us to "MOVE ON ALREADY!" since Nasir has already resigned & apologised.

I don't know about you lot but I think this blogger needs to be born of, & raised up in the wrong skin to understand why it is difficult to move on.

Nobody can tell me to move on who has not walked the literary mile in my shoes. NO ONE.

It's like telling a Cancer victim, "Eat. You need your strength". Easy enough for you to say that Bru. Have you personally survived Cancer because you ate up?

No. I do not get any overt racism to my face. NEVER. People in Malaysia are genuinely warm & friendly. When you smile to an ordinary citizen here, you get 10 smiles back.

The insidious racism is just in my face daily, & as some of us know, it wasn't a week or a month. But at least a whole generation of it (if 30 yrs makes a generation).

No. I have never questioned the wisdom of our government because I guess, like a nice MAS advert for the famous service of their stewards, Malaysians are brought up to be "gracious"; which means, we move on. In silence. No matter what has happened. Be Stoic my friend. Stoic.

And so we grew up learning how to crack open a little panel in the basement window whenever a door closes (slam is more like it) in our face.

What punishment do I wish for Nasir?

That he be stripped of his Bumiputra status & be designated the races he had thoughtlessly affronted.YEAH...THAT my Friend, would be COOL!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

"Never question the citizenship of Non-Malays"

Commented Dr M in response to the remarks made by Datuk Nasir Safar, a special officer to the PM who either implied, said outright or is heard to have said something about Indians, beggars, Chinese & sex, and the right to take away citizenship.

Dr M also said "It is a very bad statement to make. Even if it is true, we don't say things like that. They are in fact, the children of the people who came here. They have not just arrived". Thank you Che Det. I would like to add that people like me are born of Malayans. So at the very least that makes me 2rd generation. (We are now on to our 4th generation born here).

My question is: In the context of "Even if it is true, we don't say that".

To what Is the good Dr M referring?
The rights of non Malays to citizenship or the part about Indians, beggars, Chinese & sex?

Ofcourse we know how journalists do misquote or can misunderstand as to what is being said.

But this is reported in the Star (and we all know what the Star's like) although ST did not mention anything. We also know that the command of Dr M's English is very strong. So could he have made a mistake? Hmmm?

But if nobody will set the records straight, I will make a go at explaining "even if it is true, we don't say that".

A really short note on "Even if it is true, we don't say it" on begging & sex.
How many stories involving begging, sex & scandals do we hear here? And the majority of those perpetrators (or in Mal-Lish) "do-er" & "do-ee" are?

A little longer note on "Even if it is true, we don't say it" on Citizenship
Every Malaysian should have the right to feel safe & secure that this is our land. Yes. This land belongs to EVERYONE. Not just the Nasir Safars of the world.

In other countries citizens are concerned about the rights they have. Here non-malay citizens have no time for such concerns.

Here, we are just Happy not to be reminded constantly that our citizenship is courtesy of the kindness of this country; which at every turn, at the smallest sign of misbehaviour (real or perceived) is threatened.

In essence non-Malays are brought up to think we have no rights. Unless we toe the line, & shut up, we will eat dirt.

So do we blame those who are treated like this for feeling that they are merely refugees? And what do people with refugee mentality do?

The thinking goes, "If I am not accepted as 1 of you, why is there a need to do much except squat on the land for now?" Yeah. Squat. Squat as in occupy temporarily, & Squat as in Do squat all for the country.

I have heard how often parents wish for their children to study abroad & STAY abroad because at least they won't be threatened permanently with "Balik ke-Cina" or whatever. AND in another country, chances are they will be judged on the basis of their skills & not by the color of their skin.
That at least is the belief. I however think that racism is practised everywhere..but less overt, much more subtly.

Well. I am not one non-Malay to squat & do nothing. I am feeling a tad self indulgent & extra Aunty today.

So I will boost the economy by making a hit on Village Park Nasi Lemak & Goreng Ayam.
NOW. THAT is 1 Malaysia. Chinese woman married to Malay man with a really successful business because they give off their best!