Sunday, 21 February 2010

And the BARF-ta Awards goes to..

"I am really sorry (x11 or is it...???)"
“But it does not mean that since Datuk Najib is a reserve person, I am making the decisions... I am the type, who will voice out my dissatisfaction, but once said, it is done. I do not harbour feelings,”

Gulp...Be right back. I think I ate some bad Yu Sheng last nite


Anonymous said...

i know u want to vomit after hearing her lah !!

"if he is angry with u , there is NO forgiveness !! "

GobloKing said...

no lah! how can a little old lady like me anger a bigger person?

Did I say "big"? I mean as in chinese word big = great

Did I not specify I ate some bad yu-sheng - MAYBE??

Am I doing a tiger-am-sorry on you? :)