Friday, 19 February 2010

Don't Stop the Caning!

Before someone whops my a**se this photo is NOT of our Malaysia caning those 3 women. I think it's supposed to be in Acheh or something.

Anyhoos. There I was taking a blog hiatus due to visitors & then Chinese new year. Seems like nobody noticed I did not hang out the Red Lantern 'cause they & we still indulged.

I only came out to defend the religious police canning the 3 women caught having sex out of wedlock.
Mind you. I have yet to read if they caned the 3 men (they are men I assume?) caught with these 3. Did anyone read if the 3 other partners were punished too?

Now I am 1 for freedom of worship & the rights of religious leaders to mete out punishments because other than that, who the heck is gonna toe the line, huh?

I may not understand why some believe in a Vindictive Compassionate Higher Being who will force mere mortals into believing in Him but there you go. I am no Judge or Moral Compass. As you can tell..n'cest pas?

But Aunty adores moralistic people. Like me, they have the strongest conviction that the flesh is weak, the Devil can be beaten out, & that obviously love & forgiveness has no free will but are feelings which can be forced.

Way to go Bro! Aunty's like you. Just ask Uncle.

Sneaked a look at some gals in jeans. Whop! Cane him.
Took a tipple with the Boys? Whop! Cane him.

Way better to bend him to my will than wait for for some sense to knock his brains.

And while we are on the Moralistic Hi Ground, I would also like to draw the attention of our Finest Religious Police to go out & do more of their Fine Duties.
Don't be afraid Mr RP to make Bigger Examples of Even More Prominent Citizens. That would be more educational & instructive than caning some ikan bilis/anchovies.

In fact since our RPs seems more effective, I would love for them to catch & punish those caught lying, stealing, murdering, plundering, looting
OMG! What am I saying?

We would have no one left standing if that was the case. And then what will we do? Be at the bottom of the list for Most Corrupted Countries? And then where will we be? Just plain old "world class"?

But one thing for sure. The caning of the 3 women & soon another that lady for drinking alcohol? The religious Police did Gooo...oood.

In this my Kak Rosmah joins me in congratulating our Fine Religious police & Syariah court. May our Men be Shaking in their Sarongs!!


Anonymous said...

Out of guilt & conscience the 3 women, NOT the men, reported sendiri & they were happy to be caned lah !!
Better mind our business or dat kj fler will lead another demonstration
against non muslims !!

GobloKing said...

The last I looked seems like those who likes a walk on the wild side ie into S&M - would volunteer to be whopped.

Even if they are protesting to be caned, the point is "should they be?"

And what's wrong with this picture?500+ protesting not arrested but 100+ singing Negara ku is? Hmmmm....I AM getting more & more dim these days!

Anonymous said...

Look at the banners of the recent demonstration led by someone who graduated from UK ...Hahahaha!