Friday, 5 February 2010


I read with amusement in The Malaysiainsider comments on the piece where Nasir apologised for his uncalled for remarks at a 1Malaysia seminar.

Which makes me wonder if N knew he was at a 1Malaysia gathering but mistook it for an Only1forMalaysia seminar?)

In any event none of the commentators seemed to accept his apologies. 1 of the comments making me chuckle is the one who wrote "Sorry? Sorry then balai polis no need open already lor"

I think the commentator is saying that if criminals knew that all they had to do was to apologise for commiting their crimes & they will then be let go free, then there's really no need for any police stations. Good point.

However I also read with amazement a VERY prominent blogger (origins Malacca) asking us to "MOVE ON ALREADY!" since Nasir has already resigned & apologised.

I don't know about you lot but I think this blogger needs to be born of, & raised up in the wrong skin to understand why it is difficult to move on.

Nobody can tell me to move on who has not walked the literary mile in my shoes. NO ONE.

It's like telling a Cancer victim, "Eat. You need your strength". Easy enough for you to say that Bru. Have you personally survived Cancer because you ate up?

No. I do not get any overt racism to my face. NEVER. People in Malaysia are genuinely warm & friendly. When you smile to an ordinary citizen here, you get 10 smiles back.

The insidious racism is just in my face daily, & as some of us know, it wasn't a week or a month. But at least a whole generation of it (if 30 yrs makes a generation).

No. I have never questioned the wisdom of our government because I guess, like a nice MAS advert for the famous service of their stewards, Malaysians are brought up to be "gracious"; which means, we move on. In silence. No matter what has happened. Be Stoic my friend. Stoic.

And so we grew up learning how to crack open a little panel in the basement window whenever a door closes (slam is more like it) in our face.

What punishment do I wish for Nasir?

That he be stripped of his Bumiputra status & be designated the races he had thoughtlessly affronted.YEAH...THAT my Friend, would be COOL!


Anonymous said...

"No. I do not get any overt racism to my face. NEVER" in malaysia?

you must be one lucky lady! but again i find the majority of malaysian chinese are the most racist(i believe it has something to with the chinese culture) in this country based on the comments directed to me in my daily life.

and one aspect which i find very annoying is the middle kingdom mindset within the malaysian chinese.
do you know how it feels to be left standing like a moron waiting to be served(only be served after all the chinese customers have taken care of) i have experience all these only at chinese establishments.
life is a two way's always good to know other people feeling.

the truth can be dark and disturbing if one look at their own culture .if i would try to conclude the meaning of race in this world,it would be that race and culture are nothing but a fuck up entity.

GobloKing said...

I can only tell u "those who serves u last do not deserve to serve u at all!"

I just disagree yr experience has only to do with color. My experience here is predominantly to do with poor customer service.

Try this trick. Sometimes I try to differentiate myself & greet the stall owners like
"Apa kabar towkay/Boss! Hari ini baik? Banyak orang. Banyak duit ah?"

That helps plenty usually. Aint few customers ask suck up to the stall owners & they are usually SHOCKED & remember me & serves me on time then!

(ofcourse if u are hot & sexy like aunty it also helps a lot LOL)

I also ask "mesti tunggu lama tak?"

I dont yell - esp food outlets (for obvious reasons), I can only vote with my feet.

Anyways as to the racists mentality of the Chinese. Not just Chinese. I must say I have experienced my share of "racism" from Japanese, Chinese (HK,China, Taiwan), Italians, Germans, Americans, Indians (in India), Aussies ...every country I've visited - except fr the Kiwis -come to think of it!)

And Dearest anon, this may be real cold comfort to you but I dont understand the f**king middle kingdom mentality either.

Also know this. Should I ever open an establishment you can be triply assured the only color which matters will be ..????

So - let's fight racism together! Or as my korean soap actors say "Fighting!!!!" (which I take to mean "with a fighting spirit")