Thursday, 4 February 2010

"Never question the citizenship of Non-Malays"

Commented Dr M in response to the remarks made by Datuk Nasir Safar, a special officer to the PM who either implied, said outright or is heard to have said something about Indians, beggars, Chinese & sex, and the right to take away citizenship.

Dr M also said "It is a very bad statement to make. Even if it is true, we don't say things like that. They are in fact, the children of the people who came here. They have not just arrived". Thank you Che Det. I would like to add that people like me are born of Malayans. So at the very least that makes me 2rd generation. (We are now on to our 4th generation born here).

My question is: In the context of "Even if it is true, we don't say that".

To what Is the good Dr M referring?
The rights of non Malays to citizenship or the part about Indians, beggars, Chinese & sex?

Ofcourse we know how journalists do misquote or can misunderstand as to what is being said.

But this is reported in the Star (and we all know what the Star's like) although ST did not mention anything. We also know that the command of Dr M's English is very strong. So could he have made a mistake? Hmmm?

But if nobody will set the records straight, I will make a go at explaining "even if it is true, we don't say that".

A really short note on "Even if it is true, we don't say it" on begging & sex.
How many stories involving begging, sex & scandals do we hear here? And the majority of those perpetrators (or in Mal-Lish) "do-er" & "do-ee" are?

A little longer note on "Even if it is true, we don't say it" on Citizenship
Every Malaysian should have the right to feel safe & secure that this is our land. Yes. This land belongs to EVERYONE. Not just the Nasir Safars of the world.

In other countries citizens are concerned about the rights they have. Here non-malay citizens have no time for such concerns.

Here, we are just Happy not to be reminded constantly that our citizenship is courtesy of the kindness of this country; which at every turn, at the smallest sign of misbehaviour (real or perceived) is threatened.

In essence non-Malays are brought up to think we have no rights. Unless we toe the line, & shut up, we will eat dirt.

So do we blame those who are treated like this for feeling that they are merely refugees? And what do people with refugee mentality do?

The thinking goes, "If I am not accepted as 1 of you, why is there a need to do much except squat on the land for now?" Yeah. Squat. Squat as in occupy temporarily, & Squat as in Do squat all for the country.

I have heard how often parents wish for their children to study abroad & STAY abroad because at least they won't be threatened permanently with "Balik ke-Cina" or whatever. AND in another country, chances are they will be judged on the basis of their skills & not by the color of their skin.
That at least is the belief. I however think that racism is practised everywhere..but less overt, much more subtly.

Well. I am not one non-Malay to squat & do nothing. I am feeling a tad self indulgent & extra Aunty today.

So I will boost the economy by making a hit on Village Park Nasi Lemak & Goreng Ayam.
NOW. THAT is 1 Malaysia. Chinese woman married to Malay man with a really successful business because they give off their best!


Paranoid Android said...

Dear Aunty,

Casting Transvestites to play Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues makes as much sense as letting these politicians talk about justice and democracy. They may have read about it, studied about it or experienced it from time to time. But they have not lived with it and do not have it and it is not part of their make up.

Do share where your divine plate of Nasi Lemak is from...


GobloKing said...

I apologise that pix was not my plate of nasi lemak.

I have no way of taking any photos because my nasi lemak never makes it past being cool on my plate.

Village park is in Dsara Uptown, 3oclock turn at the roundabout of the mosque.

The easiest is to take away. I park near the BHP station, cross the rd & back in 10 mins.

The nasi there is exactly the correct lemak-ness (not too rich), the fried chicken & the bits & pieces from frying it known as"Keropok" is to DIE FOR!

Peak hours are a killer there. People are lining up.

And you saw VM too? I cried watching it. As for politicians, I feel some times that they purposely make their rhetorics to incite. And if there were no casualties caused by this, they would be 1 diappointed lot.

What am I saying? I almost always fall into the trap of rebutting their rhetorics I guess I am just another dumb V myself! :)

Anonymous said...

me think this aids ...oops aide is olang asli & only olang asli is the son of land BUT the rest bukan, ok !