Saturday, 20 February 2010

Save the Sharks

Our Potential Prime Minister (currently Deputy PM) said this yesterday
“While the caning meted out by civil courts can cause hurt and sometimes even death, caning according to syariah law is light. It is more to educate and remind Muslims to honour and abide by the laws of the religion,” he said after chairing the Cabinet committee on human capital development yesterday

Our Deputy PM said he believed that with better understanding and knowledge of how the process was executed, the matter of women being caned for committing religious offences would not be a “sensational issue.”

Yeah. Yeah. Some of you kindly pointed out that since I am not of the Faith, I should thererfore STF up.

But can still ask right? And y'all know Aunty's IQ level right? 1 hand count still got fingers left over.

So. To my Dear Great Leader DPM
SIR! Some Questions please SIR? If you please SIR!?

How many men has thus far been whipped to serve the same objectives (of educating & reminding)?

Is it true that caning & corporal punishments are the only effective ways to educate & remind the faithful to stay faithful?
Then may I make a small suggestion? Let's make such events public. Make the punishment count ie let it be painful. And let the faces of the unfaithful be seen so as to shame them.

Or we can say, let's make them learn the lesson in a more humane way. Substitute corporal punishment with hard community work.

Aunty here thinks that since we are going down this path, then let's get anyone who makes their faith be seen in a poor light - including traffic offenders, irresponsible parents etc.

If not, where got meaning in punishing the minnows but let the sharks swim free?

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